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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Lawn Chair Usa

You probably don’t spend too much time thinking about lawn chairs, do you? We didn’t either. However, as soon as we saw Lawn Chair USA we became quite excited. These are the same chairs we sat on as kids in the family yard! We honestly didn’t know these even existed still. We were pleasantly surprised to find they not only still exist but are also Made in America! Lawn Chair USA LLC was started in 2010 because we wanted to bring back an American classic, the folding aluminum webbed lawn chair. Continue reading

Montana Knife Company

We’ve said it before, we think Montana is an amazing state. Now we have something else amazing coming from the state of Montana: Montana Knife Company. The Montana Knife Company knives are beautiful hand-finished works of art that are meant to be used and abused. These knives are primarily for your hunting needs. One knife to rule them all. Grab yourself a Blackfoot Fixed Blade and head into the woods! Continue reading

North St Bags

North St Bags uses recycled bottles to create highly water resistant bicycle panniers and bags that come with a lifetime warranty. And they are Made in America. Portland, OR to be exact. All North St. packs are designed, cut, and sewn in Portland, OR by our rad crew of makers. You’ll find a full list of bicycle bags as well as everyday bags and accessories. We like the Pioneer 8 Hip Pack and the backpack panniers that allow you to use them both on the bike and off. Continue reading

Wintergreen Northern Wear

Sometimes we find out about American Made companies in strange places. Our feature today is on Wintergreen Northern Wear which is a company we learned of while reading Northland, a book about the writer traveling through the area between The United States and Canada. The book mentions the many adventures of founder Susan Hendrickson-Schurke which you can read more about here. It’s a great story for sure. In 2021 the company changed hands and is now run by two brothers. Continue reading

Armageddon Gear

Are you someone who likes being at the range and working on your groups? Do you consider yourself someone who is prepared for anything? You might want to check out Armageddon Gear. Armageddon Gear produces a massive number of American Made products for those of you looking for rifle accessories, equipment bags, field gear, belts, weapons accessories and more. Armageddon Gear is the result of the collective ideas of former and current Special Operations Soldiers, competition shooters and Patriots. Continue reading

Goldens’ Cast Iron

Goldens’ Cast Iron has all of your life essentials covered. Cooking, exercising and relaxing! At Goldens’ we say you need to Work out, Grill out & Chill out. We can get behind that! Especially when you consider that Goldens’ Cast Iron manufactures all of their products here in the United States. Grills, , Fire Pits and weights all Made in America! [Goldens’ Cast Iron’( is the consumer division of Goldens’ Foundry and Machine company, founded in 1882. Continue reading

Mission Workshop

Looking for an American Made waterproof bag? Maybe something to use on your overlanding adventures or perhaps just for those big rides to work? Say hello to Mission Workshop. All bags produces by Mission Workshop are made right here in America: From the initial design / prototyping to the actual manufacturing and finishing, every step of our bag’s production goes down right here in the USA (using domestic and foreign components). Continue reading

Hill People Gear

American Made outdoor gear. We love the stuff! Our latest addition to the list of companies creating American Made backcountry gear is Hill People Gear. Our products don’t happen by accident, and they’re not born in a design studio. They’re built on years of backcountry, engineering, and quality assurance experience. Inspiration usually comes on the trail and multiple iterations are mentally tested and discarded to the beat of hiking boots before pattern making even starts. Continue reading

BuiltRight Industries

We love being outdoors. We love getting out and seeing what we can find. Especially if that means heading to the mountains or the lakes or anywhere we can spend a few days camping out of our truck. Finding quality products to helps us get the most out of our vehicle is important to us. Obviously, we like American Made products. We also like products that are functional. We’ve found all of these things at BuiltRight Industries. Continue reading

Catamount Outdoor Gear

2023-01-30 Hunting Outdoors
Hunting is something that has existing in America since the start. So, naturally, we love seeing American companies producing American Made hunting gear and accessories. Catamount Outdoor Gear creates 100% American Made hunting gear and accessories. As they say: Designed. Sourced. Sewn. All in America. It all begins with an idea. The idea that great gear can and should be designed, sourced, and sewn exclusively on American soil. The main product is their Binocular Chest Pack that allows you to comfortable wear your binoculars on your chest all day. Continue reading
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