Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Condition 1

A few years ago we were in the market for a robust hard case. We looked at all the typical options but came across Condition 1 and found what we were looking for. We ended up with the 55" Long Case and it has absolutely done the job we needed it to do. It holds what we need, was easy to customize the internal foam, has wheels and multiple handles. What more could we want? Continue reading

Power-Stop Archery Targets

If you have a love for archery, like we do, you like to get a lot of reps in with your bow. If that’s the case, you’ll quickly find out that a quality target is a must. For that, we like Power-Stop Archery Targets. Power-Stop Archery Tagets is not just an archery target company. Here at Power-Stop Archery Targets, we aren’t just foam target manufacturers. For instance, foam fabrication is our core business. Continue reading


Every so often we stumble across a company that is solving a problem we hadn’t really thought about. Once such company is Lacuesa who makes hand-stitched wallets from deer hides. So what is the part we hadn’t thought about? What happens to the deer hides of most deer after they have been harvested by a hunter? Usually they are left to become one with the Earth. What Lacuesa does is use those hides to produce beautiful hand-stitched leather wallets. Continue reading

United States Mask

Remember a few years back when everyone was looking to purchase masks? Everyone had to wear one everywhere? Yeah, we remember that too. For us, we made it a point to only purchase masks that are Made in America. It just made sense. Lucky for all of us, United States Mask exists to create American Made N95 masks for first responders and any of us looking for a quality mask. Continue reading

Tescor Products

2023-04-13 Security Utility
Tescor Products was born from Oak Industries in 1980 and has been producing American Made strobe lights that entire time! Now based in Texas, we continue to provide our customers with superior products and service. Our products are used the world over. Tescor Products specializes in strobe lights, producing two main versions: the Model 200 Low Profile Strobe Light and the Model 400 Strobe Light. As the name suggests, the Model 400 is a bit larger than the low profile Model 200. Continue reading

Pecos Outdoor

We are big fans of being outdoors. We are also big fans of Veterans and Veteran-owned companies. If you like these things as well, we think you’ll like Pecos Outdoor. Pecos Outdoor, a veteran owned company, produces The Pecos Table, which they describe as: This is not your average, ordinary table. Your table is stacked with features and technology that will elevate your experience. PECOS is the new gold standard for tables Continue reading

Garrett Metal Detectors

The number of times we’ve been scanned with this Garrett Super Scanner V when going through an airport or to a concert venue is pretty high. However, we had never stopped to wonder who made the device or where it is made. Until now. Garrett Metal Detectors is an American company that produces a huge number of different types of metal detectors. They have: Prospecting Products Sport Products Security Products Thermal Products Countermine Products And more. Continue reading

Jesse James Firearms

2022-08-22 Firearms
Master fabricator Jesse James is pretty well known these days. He is known for many things, including West Coast Choppers, Monster Garage and now Jesse James Firearms. Jesse James Firearms produces some of the most beautiful 1911 style pistols in the world. Each is 100% Handmade in America. In the great state of Texas. Austin to be exact. The exquisite details in each of the works of art produced by Jesse James Firearms is something to see. Continue reading

Nokona American Ballgloves

2022-08-02 Sports Athletics
What can be more American than apple pie? Baseball you say? When you are looking for the perfect American Made baseball glove for yourself or for a great gift, give the folks at Nokona American Ballgloves a try. Nokona has been making baseball gloves in Nocona, Texas, USA since 1934. Nokona gloves are still produced in the very same town in Texas by Americans who carefully cut, stamp, stitch, lace, and embroider each glove by hand. Continue reading