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2023-07-26 Automotive Utility
If you own a pickup truck you probably find yourself tossing all types of things in the back of it, yeah? Ever worry about the bed taking a beating? In the realm of truck bed protection, the name DualLiner stands out as a leader, setting standards for durability, usability, and overall functionality. DualLiner is an Wisconsin -based company committed to producing top-quality truck bed liners that ensure maximum protection for your truck. Continue reading


Metrovac manufactures American Made vacuums and blower products from their facility in New Jersey. The company was started in 1939 by Israel Stern thanks to a $50 gift from his father-in-law Hyman Gulker. Mr. Gulker had pawned his prized pocket watch to obtain the $50 for the gift. Thus began the American Dream of Mr. Stern and his wife Pearl. The early years were devoted solely to the distribution and retailing of vacuum cleaners. Continue reading


2023-05-18 Automotive Art
As we approach Memorial Day perhaps you’d like to show a little of your patriotic respect with an American Flag magnet on your auto? Tactilian manufactures American Made magnets in various forms to allow you to do just that. The company was created by Tyler Knox, a full time law enforcement officer. Proceeds from every magnet sold support wounded Veterans by benefiting our supported foundation, Homes For Our Troops. What is ‘Homes For Our Troops’ you may be asking: Continue reading

Tommy Gate

Tommy Gate has been manufacturing American Made liftgates from their facility in Woodbine, Iowa since 1965. The company was founded by Delbert “Bus” Brown who designed and constructed the original Tommy Gate Hydraulic Lift. The lift name came from the name of his son. The company still uses the original factory in Iowa, however it has expanded to cover more than 200,000 square feet in current form. Woodbine Manufacturing Company is one-hundred percent family-owned and operated, and has been since its inception. Continue reading

BuiltRight Industries

We love being outdoors. We love getting out and seeing what we can find. Especially if that means heading to the mountains or the lakes or anywhere we can spend a few days camping out of our truck. Finding quality products to helps us get the most out of our vehicle is important to us. Obviously, we like American Made products. We also like products that are functional. We’ve found all of these things at BuiltRight Industries. Continue reading


WeatherTech is well-known for their American Made floor mats for automobiles. But, did you also know they sell products for home and also for your pets? We own floor mats from WeatherTech that we have been more than happy with. And, once we realized we could get quality, American Made dog dishes, we ordered those as well. We have two of these and the dogs love them! WeatherTech founder and CEO, David MacNeil, truly believes in supporting American workers: Continue reading

Safety Seal

2022-10-06 Automotive Tools
Safety items for your vehicle are pretty important these days. Being able to ‘self rescue’ is something everyone should learn more about. With that in mind, you may want to get yourself a tire repair kit from Safety Seal. We typically refer to these as ‘plug kits’ for repairing a tire puncture. They are easy to use and highly functional. Made in the USA, in Fargo, North Dakota, Safety Seal products will certainly help you get out of a bad situation. Continue reading

The Original Slidelight

2022-08-23 Tools Automotive
Here is one that we wished we had found much earlier in life. The Original Slidelight solves a problem we have had more times than we’d like to admit. Have you ever been working with a ratchet and extension only to struggle to see the bolt you are attempting to tighten or loosen? We have. A lot. The Original Slidelight attaches to your ratchet extension and provides a flashlight that will illuminate the are where you are working. Continue reading

The Better Bungee

2022-08-12 Automotive Utility
You ever pack a pickup truck full of belongings to move across town? What do you use to secure that load? Bungee cords, of course. Where are yours made? Get yourself some proper, Made in America, Bungee Cords from The Better Bungee. The Better Bungee sells a few different type sof bungee cords: Standard Cord The Strap Sync Cord Slotted Strap And, if none of those match what you are looking for, you can Build a Bungee. Continue reading


If you are looking to do some customization to your Harley Davidson you are naturally going to want to use parts crafted by American workers. HogTailz might be just what you are looking for. The folks at HogTailz describe themselves this way: As tradesmen, we’re career machinists and skilled welders. But we’re bikers at heart; bikers who also happen to be talented designers, artisans and craftsmen. We use chrome, steel, leather, enamel and other durable materials to fabricate distinctive, one-of-a-kind moveable art that gives your bike a look like nothing else on, or off, the road today. Continue reading
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