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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Merrow Knits

In an industry often criticized for its environmental footprint and fast-paced production cycles, Merrow Knits has positioned itself as a game-changer. The company’s approach to textile manufacturing centers around sustainability, innovation, and quality, making it a notable player in the evolving landscape of the apparel industry. Merrow Knits is backed by more than a century of experience in textile manufacturing. Building on its long history, the company has honed its expertise in knitting and has developed unique methods that set it apart from competitors. Continue reading

American Giant

2023-09-07 Clothing
In a world dominated by fast fashion and overseas manufacturing, American Giant has emerged as a breath of fresh air in the clothing industry. With a mission rooted in sustainability, quality, and domestic production, the brand has carved a niche for itself as a producer of “the greatest hoodie ever made.” But there’s much more to American Giant than just its iconic hoodie. One of the pillars of American Giant ’s ethos is its commitment to local manufacturing. Continue reading

Dans Hunting Gear

Planning to be outside in the coming months? Perhaps a camping trip or maybe even a hunting excursion of some type? For some proper American Made outdoor clothing, take a look at Dan’s Hunting Gear. These Amish hand-made pieces will keep you warm and dry and concealed. All of Dan’s products are handmade off-site by over 40 local Amish seamstresses. This process begins with all the materials being hand cut, then serged to prevent seams from fraying and pulling apart. Continue reading

Go Wild Camo

Go Wild Camo was born from a desire to do better. To create something better than what existed at the time. While hunting Elk in western Montana, well above the snow-line, I realized that most of the modern camouflage clothing companies didn’t live up to their claims. On our trek we gained 3,800 feet in just under 6 miles and the need to constantly change out layers for lack of performance slowed us down more than the terrain. Continue reading


Stetson is synonymous with the American icon Cowboy Hat. Since its founding in 1865 by John B. Stetson, Stetson has been a global leader in headwear. The brand is so iconic that many folks simply refer to cowboy hats as ‘Stetsons.’ Quality and tradition are at the forefront of how Stetson produces hats: For over 150 years, Stetson has created quality products that are built to last and have deep roots in the American tradition. Continue reading

Fox River

Fox River has been manufacturing socks in the USA since 1900! If you are wanting to up your sock game, look no further than Fox River. They manufacture every imagineable type of sock you can come up with. Men’s Socks Women’s Socks Kid’s Socks Military Socks And those are just the high level filters! Our socks are crafted with great care and attention in Osage, Iowa, using the finest quality materials to ensure durability and comfort. Continue reading


One theme that permeates through many of the companies we have featured here is the notion of getting outside. Being in nature. Whether it is hunting or simply getting outdoors for some camping. We love getting outside and think it’s great for the soul. When you get outside you are going to want to be properly clothed for whatever endeaver you are undertaking. For that, you might want to take a look at Forloh. Continue reading

Bezi Bra Discs

Way back in 1956 Edith’s Lingerie Shop opened in Princeton, New Jersey. The shop belonged to Anne Zuckerman’s mother. From very early in life Anne had the opportunity to watch and learn from her mother as she ran her shop. This included trips to New York City to purchase merchandise. After these years of learning and growing, Anne had a product idea that she wanted to bring to market. That product was the Bezi Bra Disc. Continue reading

Todd Shelton

So often these days clothing is made overseas to very poor quality standards. What if you want quality? What if you hold yourself to a higher standard when it comes to what you wear? For the men out there that are in this group, check out Todd Shelton. Todd Shelton manufactures American Made men’s clothing from their manufacturing facility just outside New York City in East Rutherford, NJ . The stated purpose for the company is short and to the point: Continue reading

Nine Line

Nine Line is a Veteran-owned company that produces a little bit of everything you might need. Since its inception Nine Line set out to create premium USA made products whenever possible. We are dedicated to reviving American manufacturing and the jobs they generate – setting the example for others to follow. We like the sound of that! There is a lot to see here. Everything from American Made T-Shirts to American Made Drinkware and even American Made Coffee and Tumblers. Continue reading
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