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Love of Country Clothing

2023-03-08 Clothing
Quality t-shirts and hoodies that are Made in America are seemingly hard to find. Thankfully, we have found Love Of Country Clothing who produces exactly that. At Love of Country Clothing, we like quality, style, and craftsmanship, and we’re certain you do too. There are a number of aspects that speak in favor of manufacturing products in the USA, namely ethics, employee safety, protection of the environment, quality, and investment into the American economy. Continue reading

Wintergreen Northern Wear

Sometimes we find out about American Made companies in strange places. Our feature today is on Wintergreen Northern Wear which is a company we learned of while reading Northland, a book about the writer traveling through the area between The United States and Canada. The book mentions the many adventures of founder Susan Hendrickson-Schurke which you can read more about here. It’s a great story for sure. In 2021 the company changed hands and is now run by two brothers. Continue reading

This Night

2023-02-01 Clothing
We love quality socks. If we can find quality socks with cool designs, even better! This Night produces socks that are design-inspired by the colors and patterns of Japan. They are made with US-grown cotton and are manufactured in America. The idea for the socks, and the company, came from illustrator Kate T. Williams. She is inspired by the colors and patterns of Japan after living there for a year while studying art. Continue reading


2023-01-09 Clothing
“From sheep to shelf.” The mantra of merino wool apparel company Duckworth. Not sure what this is? Read what is Merino Wool to get a better understanding of the benefits. Duckworth not only makes the apparel but also manages the sheep on their ranch in Dillon, MT. We don’t source wool, we grow it on our ranch in Montana. We carefully manage every step of the process, from fiber to finished garment. Continue reading

Triple Aught Design

We love the mantra of Triple Aught Design: To Inspire our community to live more adventurous lives through legendary product and experiences. There are numerous options for both men and women if you are looking for apparel. They also offer pack equipment. As we have noted in previous features: we LOVE bags. Primarly backpacks, but really all bags. The Fast Pack Litespeed Sterile Edition looks like one we need to have in our collection. Continue reading


2022-12-27 Clothing
Seemingly, one of the hardest things to find as an American Made product is clothing and apparel. Lucky for us, we discoverd Boathouse. The heritage of the Boathouse brand began in 1976, through the revolutionary design of the iconic Stevenson jacket. The innovative silhouette was introduced during the Montreal Olympic Games and featured a technically designed shoulder gusset, allowing full arm rotation. The Olympians received the signature silhouette well, providing a functional and fashionable alternative to their everyday uniforms. Continue reading

Collared Greens

2022-12-07 Clothing
“American Grown & Sewn” This is how Collared Greens describes itself and the clothing they make. American Made clothing is not something that is usually easy to come by. It’s great to see a company like Collared Greens offering such a wide array of items, all Made in America. The offering list is quite large! T-Shirts Caps Button Down Shirts Pants & Shorts Belts Neckties Bow Ties Cummerbund Sets Kid’s Gear Key Chains Silk Cufflines Fly Fishing Pins Seriously, there is something for everyone here. Continue reading

Laurel Mercantile

We may have just found one of the best places to shop for American Made products. Laurel Mercantile seems to have it all covered! Looking for apparel? Maybe some amazingly scented candles? Perhaps you are just looking for some home goods or lifestyle bits. They have you covered for all of that! The original Laurel Mercantile Co. opened in 1901 in downtown Laurel, Mississippi. It eventually closed the doors in the 1920’s due to changing demands for industry. Continue reading


2022-11-11 Beauty Clothing
Established in 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA, Knotzland is doing great things to recycle products and create amazing bowties! You can take a look at the bowties to see what they are making. These are great looking ties. And they are created from recycled textiles. Not only creating a great and useful product, but helping to limit what ends up in our landfills as well. This is something we can get behind. Continue reading


If you are looking to get into the great outdoors you are going to want to outfit yourself with some quality gear. Perhaps something handcrafted and Made in America. Take a look at Zpacks. Handcrafted shelters, backpacks, quilts and clothing, and Dyneema based accessories all proudly manufactured in the United States. Like so many other American companies, Zpacks was created to solve a distinct problem encounted by a single person. In this case, founder Joe Valesko was setting out on a 2004 thru-hide of the Appalachian Trail but could not find any gear to meet his needs. Continue reading
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