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Tescor Products

2023-04-13 Security Utility
Tescor Products was born from Oak Industries in 1980 and has been producing American Made strobe lights that entire time! Now based in Texas, we continue to provide our customers with superior products and service. Our products are used the world over. Tescor Products specializes in strobe lights, producing two main versions: the Model 200 Low Profile Strobe Light and the Model 400 Strobe Light. As the name suggests, the Model 400 is a bit larger than the low profile Model 200. Continue reading


Firearm safety is an extremely important topic. If you choose to own a firearm, you should also choose to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to securing your weapon. TriggerSafe is a product that will allow you to keep ultimate control over your firearm and keep it in a safe configuration. Triggersafe™ is manufactured in LaPorte, Indiana. This safety feature is being used by people around the USA and overseas for hunting, storage, transporting and anytime they don’t have full control of the weapon. Continue reading

Garrett Metal Detectors

The number of times we’ve been scanned with this Garrett Super Scanner V when going through an airport or to a concert venue is pretty high. However, we had never stopped to wonder who made the device or where it is made. Until now. Garrett Metal Detectors is an American company that produces a huge number of different types of metal detectors. They have: Prospecting Products Sport Products Security Products Thermal Products Countermine Products And more. Continue reading