Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Lawn Chair Usa

You probably don’t spend too much time thinking about lawn chairs, do you? We didn’t either. However, as soon as we saw Lawn Chair USA we became quite excited. These are the same chairs we sat on as kids in the family yard! We honestly didn’t know these even existed still. We were pleasantly surprised to find they not only still exist but are also Made in America! Lawn Chair USA LLC was started in 2010 because we wanted to bring back an American classic, the folding aluminum webbed lawn chair. Continue reading

North St Bags

North St Bags uses recycled bottles to create highly water resistant bicycle panniers and bags that come with a lifetime warranty. And they are Made in America. Portland, OR to be exact. All North St. packs are designed, cut, and sewn in Portland, OR by our rad crew of makers. You’ll find a full list of bicycle bags as well as everyday bags and accessories. We like the Pioneer 8 Hip Pack and the backpack panniers that allow you to use them both on the bike and off. Continue reading


If you are in the market for high-end, hand-made, American Made leather goods, Lotuff should be on your short list. The products from Lotoff span a wide range. Everything from backpacks for men to totes for women to American Alligator wallets and even to completely custom bespoke items to match exactly what you need and want. All of it made by hand by American artisans. We know very little about how to tan leather, but reading about the Lotuff process is not only educational but also quite interesting. Continue reading

Mission Workshop

Looking for an American Made waterproof bag? Maybe something to use on your overlanding adventures or perhaps just for those big rides to work? Say hello to Mission Workshop. All bags produces by Mission Workshop are made right here in America: From the initial design / prototyping to the actual manufacturing and finishing, every step of our bag’s production goes down right here in the USA (using domestic and foreign components). Continue reading

BuiltRight Industries

We love being outdoors. We love getting out and seeing what we can find. Especially if that means heading to the mountains or the lakes or anywhere we can spend a few days camping out of our truck. Finding quality products to helps us get the most out of our vehicle is important to us. Obviously, we like American Made products. We also like products that are functional. We’ve found all of these things at BuiltRight Industries. Continue reading

Tough Traveler

Tough Traveler has been designing and manufacturing American Made bags and packs in New York since 1970. Our talented artisans design and manufacture everything from small pouches to large wheeled luggage, from dog carrier backpacks to guitar bags. Our focus is on creating a sustainable product that is not only ethically made, but built to last for our customers for decades. The bags produced by Tough Traveler covers a wide gamut! Continue reading

Road Trip Potty

For the women among us, those long hours in a vehicle on a road trip can be a bit problematic when it comes to relieving oneself. Thankfully, the American Made Road Trip Potty exists to help alleviate any problems! The Road Trip Potty is exactly what it sounds like. A portable female urinal. As they say, “When not going is NOT an option!” The Road Trip Potty is the brainchild of Angela Brathwaite. Continue reading

Field Notes

Some of us really enjoy a quality note book for tracking our days or simply keeping our lists organized. Field Notes produces a full assortment of not only notebooks and memo books but also planners and calendars. All Made in America on papers sourced and manufactured in the U.S.A. The books are offered with various patterned pages. You can get graph, ruled, plain, dot-graph, ledger, checklist and planner. We are partial to the dot-graph pages. Continue reading


We love quality bags. Backpacks, satchels, messenger bags. You name the type of bag and there is a very good chance we have several of them in the closet. When we find American Made bags we get excited. We have featured a a few American Made bag brands over the past 6 months or so, including Red Oxx, Rickshaw Bags and Bradley Mountain. Today we add a new company to the list: Baileyworks. Continue reading

Inside Line Equipment

Quality bags of all types are one item that we have been able to find numerous companies producing here in America. Previously we have featured Red Oxx, Rickshaw Bags, Range Leather, Bradley Mountain, Road Runner Bags, Frost River and ZPacks. Today we add another to that list: Inside Line Equipment. American Made at the core! ILE products are made from USA sourced materials, and designed with strength and simplicity in mind. Continue reading
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