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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Montana Canvas

Having recently spent time in a back country camping setup, we have a fondness for serious canvas wall tents. That is just one of the many American Made items that Montana Canvas manufactures from their home in Belgrade, Montana. In addition to the Wall Tents you’ll find Custom Tents, Glamping Tents and Specialized Tents. Need a way to heat the wall tent you purchase? Montana Canvas also manufactures stoves to keep you nice and toasty while roughing it. Continue reading


We know a few legitimate audiophiles who go really deep down the audio rabbit hole. You might know a few as well. They can be described as very ‘discerning’ listeners for sure. We love to listen to great speakers as much as anyone, however, we may not be as in tune as others when it comes to the minute details that make the difference to a true audiophile. Vandersteen clearly knows what those subtle differnces are and how to produce speakers that allow the music to shine through. Continue reading

Lux Blox

2023-05-24 Education Games Toys
We can’t think of anything more important than giving kids the ability to explore and learn. Providing our future leaders with great tools to help them learn to think and build should be a top priority for everyone. Lux Blox is an American company producing STEM toys that help kids learn and grow. Lux is called “the principled block” because we designed Lux to give the user nature’s own design principles. Continue reading

Arizona Archery Enterprises

For over 50 years Arizona Archery Enterprises (also known as AAE) has been making American Made products for the archery world. For both hunters and target shooters. Way back in 1971 Tom and Millie Fisher, along with Charlie and Liz Sandlin, purchased a fletching company called Plastifletch. The company was grown and became Arizona Archery Enterprises. The company is still family-run today as it was sold to the Fisher’s sons T. Continue reading

Orthopedic Drum Thrones

When you go see a live concert do you ever think about whether the drummer is comfortable or not? Probably not. But think about the fact they they are back there sitting and basically doing a full exercise routine! Looking to alleviate drummer discomfort, Orthopedic Drum Thrones makes two different ’thrones’ to take the place of the old drum chair you might be using. Let’s face the facts, every drummer either has a standard Circle shape throne top or the Saddle style. Continue reading


We love camping and just generally being outside and experiencing nature. In a perfect world we’d be doing this all year round from the comfort of either an RV of some type. When we reach that point we’ll be sure to look at what Jayco has to offer. Jayco manufactures the majority of their products from their home in Middlebury, Indiana. What isn’t made there is made at their campus in Twin Falls, Idaho. Continue reading


2023-05-18 Automotive Art
As we approach Memorial Day perhaps you’d like to show a little of your patriotic respect with an American Flag magnet on your auto? Tactilian manufactures American Made magnets in various forms to allow you to do just that. The company was created by Tyler Knox, a full time law enforcement officer. Proceeds from every magnet sold support wounded Veterans by benefiting our supported foundation, Homes For Our Troops. What is ‘Homes For Our Troops’ you may be asking: Continue reading

Kitchen Craft

Kitchen Craft makes American Made waterless cookware from their facility in Bend, WI. What is “waterless cookware” you ask? Good question. Kitchen Craft explains it like this: By merging several heat-conducting metals together and creating a thermal core, waterless cookware distributes the heat from the bottom up, the sides in and the top down, just like the oven that requires no grease or water. If this healthy way of cooking sounds good to you, check out what Kitchen Craft has to offer for your cooking needs: Continue reading

Todd Shelton

So often these days clothing is made overseas to very poor quality standards. What if you want quality? What if you hold yourself to a higher standard when it comes to what you wear? For the men out there that are in this group, check out Todd Shelton. Todd Shelton manufactures American Made men’s clothing from their manufacturing facility just outside New York City in East Rutherford, NJ . The stated purpose for the company is short and to the point: Continue reading


2023-05-15 Tools Utility
If you heat your home with wood, or just generally do any type of tree and log harvesting, you know that good tools make the job far easier. LogOX is a Vermont-based company that manufactures a suite of American Made tools to help you get your wood jobs handled more efficiently and safer. If you are doing real work in the woods moving timber around and cutting logs, check out their Forestry Tools and we’re pretty sure you’re going to find some useful items. Continue reading
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