Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Elevate Stand Co

2023-08-22 Hunting Outdoors
If you are a hunter you are most likely preparing for the coming seasons. September is only a few weeks away! Looking to hunt from up high? Elevate Stand Co is an American company producing lightweight, high quality hang on tree stands in Kansas. The company was founded by two brothers, Josh and Jared Stubbs. The duo grew up hunting with family and friends. “If they were hunting, they were happy. Continue reading

Kraft Tool Co

2023-04-03 Tools Utility
The one thing that makes any job easier is having the right tool for the job. Having a quality version of that tool is even better. Kraft Tool Co has been making high quality, American Made tools since the founding of the company in 1981. However, their brands have been doing so for even longer, going back to 1798 with W. Rose Masonry tools. You’ll find quite the selection of quality tools from Kraft Tool Co including: Continue reading

Flame Engineering

In all our years of dealing with weeds on the property, the one process we did not think to try was FIRE! We are re-thinking that now. Flame Engineering produces American Made flamers and torches to deal with unwanted weeds and grass. You literally burn them away! Flame Engineering offers a number of different options, depending on the end-use scenario. Light Duty Torch Kits for the smaller projects Heavy Duty Torch Kits for the larger jobs Agricultural Flamers for farm use They even make the Red Dragon Roofing Torches for roofing projects! Continue reading

Canine Carry Outs

2022-12-19 Pets
We are dog owners, and, like most dog owners we are pretty picky about what we will let our little furry buddies eat. Sticking with American Made companies for our dog food and dog treats is extremely important to us. One of these companies is Canine Carry Outs, a Kansas company that produces a full menu of treats your canine pals will love. Whether your pets like soft & chewy snacks or they prefer long lasting chews, Canine Carry Outs has you covered. Continue reading

Dirt King USA

2022-12-12 Toys Outdoors
When we were kids we had tricycles that we rode until the wheels fell off. Literally. We don’t think you’ll have that problem with a tricycle from Dirt King USA. Dirt King USA has been producing their tricycles since 1989. The tricycle you purchase today is the end result of persistent engineering in design and parts over a 20 year period. All Dirt King and MCM Manufacturing, Inc. products are manufactured, assembled, and shipped right here in America by American workers from our plant in WaKeeney, KS. Continue reading

Wilde Tool

2022-11-08 Tools
Wilde Tool was created in 1922 by brothers Otto and Paul Froeschl along with Henry J. Wilde. All these many years later, the company is still run by the original Froeschl family. That is impressive! All of the Wilde Tool products are made in the USA, as quality tools should be. You’ll find quite the list of available tools: Chisels Pliers Pry Bars Punches Scrapers Screwdrivers Service Tools Wrenches The public mission statement for Wilde Tool is: Continue reading