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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Liberty Safe

The United States is unique as far as countries go. We have rights that many others do not have. One of those rights is supported by the 2nd Amendment. The right to bear arms. We support all of our Constitutional Rights and we think you should as well. If you do this by being a firearms owner, we think you should also do some research on safe storage of these items. Continue reading

Clearwater Stag Works

Many people these days have their ’edc’ setup. This Every Day Carry system may consist of many things. For some it’s simply keys a flashlight and a pocket knife. For others it may be all of those plus a pistol and additional magazines. Whatever your EDC may be, Clearwater Stag Works has solution for you for when you are at home and these items are not physically on you. Take a look at their products and you’ll quickly see they have numerous options. Continue reading


Firearm safety is an extremely important topic. If you choose to own a firearm, you should also choose to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to securing your weapon. TriggerSafe is a product that will allow you to keep ultimate control over your firearm and keep it in a safe configuration. Triggersafe™ is manufactured in LaPorte, Indiana. This safety feature is being used by people around the USA and overseas for hunting, storage, transporting and anytime they don’t have full control of the weapon. Continue reading

DeSantis GunHide

2022-11-01 Outdoors Firearms
Founded by Gene DeSantis, Desantis GunHide has been producing American Made gun holsters for over 40 years. Whether you are in the market for a kydex holster or a leather holster, DeSantis has you covered. They offer an excellent IWB holster for concealed carry with the Slim-Tuk kydex option. Maybe you want a thumb break scabbard leather holster for your duty pistol. They have you covered there too. The catalog of available holsters is quite vast, but some high level views are: Continue reading


2022-09-27 Firearms
Henry has, without a doubt, the greatest company motto of any company in the world. Made In America, Or Not Made At All. If one chooses to read the history of firearms in the United State, perhaps with a book such as Gun Barons: The Weapons That Transormed America and the Men Who Invented Them you will no doubt learn about Benjamin Tyler Henry. Mr. Henry was an American gunsmith and the inventor of the Henry Rifle, the first reliable lever-action repeating rifle. Continue reading

Jesse James Firearms

2022-08-22 Firearms
Master fabricator Jesse James is pretty well known these days. He is known for many things, including West Coast Choppers, Monster Garage and now Jesse James Firearms. Jesse James Firearms produces some of the most beautiful 1911 style pistols in the world. Each is 100% Handmade in America. In the great state of Texas. Austin to be exact. The exquisite details in each of the works of art produced by Jesse James Firearms is something to see. Continue reading

We the People Holsters

2022-07-28 Outdoors Firearms
One area that seems to have quite a few companies that are making products here in the United States is the firearms and firearm equipment communities. One example is We The People Holsters . They make an assortment of holsters to cover a wide range of pistols using both Kydex and Leather. Custom Kydex Holsters Leather Holsters IWB Holsters OWB Hosters Beyond just making holsters, We The People also sells a variety of accessories for conceal carry users such as Dump Trays, Magazine Carriers, logo patches and belts. Continue reading