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Velo Transit

You know us, we love bags. Whether from Red Oxx or Inside Line Equipment or Outdoorsmans. We simply love great bags, backpacks, fanny packs or any other ‘bag’ type item.

We have a new company to add to our bag list: Velo Transit.

Velot Transit makes bags from their shop in Seatac, Washington. You can bet their bags are waterproof! They have the perfect testing grounds for that, no question.

Velo Transit backpacks are built with integrated RF welded liners which makes them waterproof for Seattle rain, so they could take on any type of weather elsewhere. By using a waterproof liner, we can offer more exterior features such as pockets, blinker mounts and optional side pockets.

Of course, they are also made in America:

We design and build all Velo Transit waterproof laptop cycling backpacks and panniers at our workshop in Seatac, WA (Seattle suburb).

Their Edge Pro 40 Laptop Backpack is available in two sizes, a men’s medium and a men’s large. It’s 100% waterproof and can be customized using the Velo Transit system of modular additions.

Whether you are a bike messenger in Seattle or a commuter in NYC, the Velo Transit waterproof backpacks will keep your possessions nice and dry when battling the traffic!

Company: Velo Transit