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American Giant

2023-09-07 Clothing
In a world dominated by fast fashion and overseas manufacturing, American Giant has emerged as a breath of fresh air in the clothing industry. With a mission rooted in sustainability, quality, and domestic production, the brand has carved a niche for itself as a producer of “the greatest hoodie ever made.” But there’s much more to American Giant than just its iconic hoodie. One of the pillars of American Giant ’s ethos is its commitment to local manufacturing. Continue reading

Carbide 3D

There are some machines that we simply find awesome and fascinating. Amount those are CNC Machines. Lucky for us, and anyone who has the need, Carbide 3D has taken the awesomeness of CNC Machining and brought it to your desktop. Even cooler, quality matters to them and they do everything themselves: Design their own electronic Do their own mechanical design Write their own software Make everything they can in the US! Continue reading

Gordon Brush

Gordon Brush was established in 1951 and has been manufacturing brooms and brushes in American ever since. Established in 1951, Gordon Brush® includes twelve brands, two brands whose origin dates back to 1855 and 1897. All told, the Company’s twelve brands manufacture over 17,000 standard, specialty, and custom brooms and brushes for industrial and commercial applications for customers world-wide. Gordon Brush makes so many different types of brushes we’d never be able to mention them all. Continue reading

Bessell Surfboards

Bessell Surfboards founder Tim Bessell has an awesome story. He has combined a love of art and a love of surfing to become one of the worlds best surfboard shapers. After legitimizing himself as a shaper, Tim returned to San Diego, California to open Bessell Surfboards. By 1987, Bessell Surfboards had grown into one of the largest surfboard manufacturers in Southern California. Tim also made a name for himself as an artist, with exhibitions as far away as Japan. Continue reading


We know a few legitimate audiophiles who go really deep down the audio rabbit hole. You might know a few as well. They can be described as very ‘discerning’ listeners for sure. We love to listen to great speakers as much as anyone, however, we may not be as in tune as others when it comes to the minute details that make the difference to a true audiophile. Vandersteen clearly knows what those subtle differnces are and how to produce speakers that allow the music to shine through. Continue reading


2023-05-18 Automotive Art
As we approach Memorial Day perhaps you’d like to show a little of your patriotic respect with an American Flag magnet on your auto? Tactilian manufactures American Made magnets in various forms to allow you to do just that. The company was created by Tyler Knox, a full time law enforcement officer. Proceeds from every magnet sold support wounded Veterans by benefiting our supported foundation, Homes For Our Troops. What is ‘Homes For Our Troops’ you may be asking: Continue reading


The first thing when we saw when we landed on the website for DSPTCH was their Pet Sling. As people who frequently travel by train and also because we are dog owners and lovers, we though: this is brilliant. As brilliant as this is, it is not the only thing that DSPTCH manufactures. They have a full line of packs as well as slings and accessories. They take building quality products to heart: Continue reading

Mission Workshop

Looking for an American Made waterproof bag? Maybe something to use on your overlanding adventures or perhaps just for those big rides to work? Say hello to Mission Workshop. All bags produces by Mission Workshop are made right here in America: From the initial design / prototyping to the actual manufacturing and finishing, every step of our bag’s production goes down right here in the USA (using domestic and foreign components). Continue reading

Triple Aught Design

We love the mantra of Triple Aught Design: To Inspire our community to live more adventurous lives through legendary product and experiences. There are numerous options for both men and women if you are looking for apparel. They also offer pack equipment. As we have noted in previous features: we LOVE bags. Primarly backpacks, but really all bags. The Fast Pack Litespeed Sterile Edition looks like one we need to have in our collection. Continue reading

Take Off

How many times have you had an adhesive stuck to something and you just can’t get it off? For us, hundreds of times. This is where Take Off Adhesive Remover comes in! TakeOFF Adhesive Remover is the best solution for eliminating costly mistakes and messes around the house, garage, and workshop. It has been carefully formulated to dissolve sticky adhesives and leave no residue behind. And, it is Made in America! Continue reading
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