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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Dans Hunting Gear

Planning to be outside in the coming months? Perhaps a camping trip or maybe even a hunting excursion of some type? For some proper American Made outdoor clothing, take a look at Dan’s Hunting Gear. These Amish hand-made pieces will keep you warm and dry and concealed. All of Dan’s products are handmade off-site by over 40 local Amish seamstresses. This process begins with all the materials being hand cut, then serged to prevent seams from fraying and pulling apart. Continue reading

All American Clothing Co

2023-03-28 Clothing
One of the best ways to support American workers and American companies is to simply dress for it. And by that we mean: wear clothing that is Made in America. All American Clothing Co creates a full ensemble of clothing and accessories for mean and women. All Made in America. Our mission is to support USA families and jobs by producing high-quality clothing in the USA at an affordable price. By keeping our production in the USA we provide jobs and a tax base that supports our communities. Continue reading

Maximum Advantage Grip

You are making time each day for the gym, right? We are. On days we do back exercises we kept finding ourselves using the handles produced by Maximum Advantage Grip rather than the old-school grips that were laying around. Maximum Advantage Grip produces American Made handles and lat bars for use with resistance equipment. A common problem with achieving an optimal back workout has always been premature grip failure. You either ended your workout with the feeling that you hadn’t really worked your back or you resorted to using wrist straps or other devices that were cumbersome and, for the most part, ineffectual. Continue reading


Coolers seem to be one of those things that people manage to forget about. Until then need one! Orca produces American Made coolers in a number of sizes and materials to cover whatever your needs may be. You’ll find hard side coolers as well as soft side coolers available. All of the Orca coolers are Made in America. At ORCA Coolers we take American job creation very seriously, which is why we make all our roto-molded coolers here at our facility in Ohio, and customize them here in Nashville. Continue reading


2022-11-15 Tools Utility
Pickup trucks are very much a part of everyday life in the United States. According to Newsweek, the top 3 selling vehicles in American in 2021 are all pickup trucks. The Ford F-Series followed by the Ram Pickup and then the Chevy Silverado. What better way to update your pickup than with an American Made drawer and storage system for the bed? Decked creates a number of variations on pickup bed storage. Continue reading

Whitehouse Brothers

2022-09-22 Jewelry
Whitehouse Brothers has been producing American Made Jewelry from Cincinnati, OH since 1898. The company history is a great story of two brothers creating a business, building it to be the largest in the country and then using it to help American veterans returning from World War I. After World War I, Whitehouse Brothers offered to undertake the training of wounded soldiers returning from combat. The veterans were trained in the manufacturing of jewelry for six months so they could find new work in the industrial world. Continue reading

Anchor Hocking

2022-08-29 Cookware Houseware
Anchor Hocking produces a number of Made in America items for your kitchen and home. They began in 1905 producing glassware and still focus on quality, American Made glassware today. Anchor Hocking has been producing American Made glassware for more than a century. Supporting American jobs is a source of great pride for us, and it’s important to our customers too. They appreciate our dedication to the workforce here at home. Continue reading

The Zip Tip

2022-08-24 Home Goods
Ever had the pull of a zipper break? Makes it really difficult to use the zipper, doesn’t it? Thankfully, we’ve found an American company that produces the solution for this exact problem: The Zip Tip. The Zip Tip allows you to replace the broken pull on any zipper very easily. In a few steps you will not only have a working zipper again, but, it will be customized with the look of the Zip Tip you chose. Continue reading

The Original Slidelight

2022-08-23 Tools Automotive
Here is one that we wished we had found much earlier in life. The Original Slidelight solves a problem we have had more times than we’d like to admit. Have you ever been working with a ratchet and extension only to struggle to see the bolt you are attempting to tighten or loosen? We have. A lot. The Original Slidelight attaches to your ratchet extension and provides a flashlight that will illuminate the are where you are working. Continue reading

Wright Tool

2022-08-15 Tools
American Made Tools used to be something that was easy to find. It seemed that all tools used to be Made in America. These days, not so much. Thankfully, there are still companies like Wright Tool producing great, Made in the USA, tools from their factory in Ohio. You learn a lot in nearly 100 years, the biggest is don’t put your name on something that isn’t the best. At Wright, we only forge one quality tool – premium. Continue reading
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