Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Globe Trailers

As you are driving down the highway seeing all types of truck and trailers, do you ever wonder where those trailers are made? We do. Globe Trailers is one of the companies making those trailers. Manufacturing these extraordinary items right here in the USA in Bradenton, FL. These trailers are not for your everyday individual looking to haul some trash to the dump. These are highly specialized items that are meant to carry comically large amounts of weight in a very safe manner. Continue reading

Forever Barnwood

Everyone loves the look of reclaimed barnwood. It looks great and brings back historical memories from times gone by. The problem is that there is a finite amount of it available. There are only so many barns in the country where wood can be found. Forever Barnwood has the solution. They produce products that use new wood combined with a patent-pending treatment process that captures the unique qualities of barnwood with a quicker turnaround time and more affordable prices. Continue reading

Enviro Tote

Need a sturdy tote bag? Want it to be American Made? Also want it to be environmentally friendly? Say hello to Enviro-Tote. Enviro-Tote has been manufacturing eco-friendly, reusable cotton canvas tote bags for 30 years. Born in a mill building from the Industrial Revolution, our totes are 100% American-made in New Hampshire for today’s Environmental Revolution. Made from high-quality, durable materials from organic cotton to recycled plastic bottles, in dozens of colors, custom printed or plain. Continue reading

WV Great Barrel Company

The WV Great Barrel Company has one of the best stories we have seen. Born out of a desire to employ a community, this company, and the community it is in, were saved by tragedy. In 2016 a massive storm caused flooding that devasted the small town of White Sulphur Springs, WV. A few civic leaders came together and engaged the community to help rebuild their town. However, rebuilding the town was not enough to save it and the people who lived there. Continue reading

Arctic Gear

Arctic Gear produces winter hats for all ages. And they are Made in America. Arctic Gear is a brand developed by Mozaic and is comprised of an inclusive workforce, where people of all abilities work together to create quality products held to the Berry Amendment standard. The majority of Arctic Gear products are manufactured at Finger Lakes Textiles Something extra cool about Arctic Gear: The winter hats are American made, and for over 25 years, have been keeping the U. Continue reading


If you are looking to do some customization to your Harley Davidson you are naturally going to want to use parts crafted by American workers. HogTailz might be just what you are looking for. The folks at HogTailz describe themselves this way: As tradesmen, we’re career machinists and skilled welders. But we’re bikers at heart; bikers who also happen to be talented designers, artisans and craftsmen. We use chrome, steel, leather, enamel and other durable materials to fabricate distinctive, one-of-a-kind moveable art that gives your bike a look like nothing else on, or off, the road today. Continue reading

Cyrus Shank

2022-08-06 Manufacturing
The very first thing you see upon visiting the website of Cyrus Shank is: Our Refrigeration Valves & Accessories are 100% American Made Cyrus Shank manufactures Refigeration Valves & Accessories and has done so since 1912. You can find Relief Valves , Hand Valves and Manifolds. Cyrus Shanks has been headquarted in Aurora, IL for over 103 years, where they operate their ASME certified plant producing ASME certified products. And don’t forget, they are all Made In America. Continue reading