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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Initial Ascent

Any true outdoors person will tell you: your pack is of utmost importance. It serves many masters: the fit must be perfect; it must hold everything you’ll need for however long you’ll be out; it must hold up to the serious demands of being away from civilization for long periods of time. We are always on the lookout for quality packs. Our latest find is Initial Ascent. Initial Ascent offers up hunting packs in 6 different sizes. Continue reading

Montana Canvas

Having recently spent time in a back country camping setup, we have a fondness for serious canvas wall tents. That is just one of the many American Made items that Montana Canvas manufactures from their home in Belgrade, Montana. In addition to the Wall Tents you’ll find Custom Tents, Glamping Tents and Specialized Tents. Need a way to heat the wall tent you purchase? Montana Canvas also manufactures stoves to keep you nice and toasty while roughing it. Continue reading


We love camping and just generally being outside and experiencing nature. In a perfect world we’d be doing this all year round from the comfort of either an RV of some type. When we reach that point we’ll be sure to look at what Jayco has to offer. Jayco manufactures the majority of their products from their home in Middlebury, Indiana. What isn’t made there is made at their campus in Twin Falls, Idaho. Continue reading


A dry bag is a must if you are going to be in the extreme outdoors. You’ll want them for any activities on the water for sure. However, they are incredibly useful for backcountry trips as well. Keeping your gear dry under any condition. Watershed produces American Made dry bags for both military and civilian use. Whether you need duffels for packing in to a remote spot or you need kayak bags for an extreme trip through the rapids, Watershed has you covered. Continue reading

Wintergreen Northern Wear

Sometimes we find out about American Made companies in strange places. Our feature today is on Wintergreen Northern Wear which is a company we learned of while reading Northland, a book about the writer traveling through the area between The United States and Canada. The book mentions the many adventures of founder Susan Hendrickson-Schurke which you can read more about here. It’s a great story for sure. In 2021 the company changed hands and is now run by two brothers. Continue reading

Hill People Gear

American Made outdoor gear. We love the stuff! Our latest addition to the list of companies creating American Made backcountry gear is Hill People Gear. Our products don’t happen by accident, and they’re not born in a design studio. They’re built on years of backcountry, engineering, and quality assurance experience. Inspiration usually comes on the trail and multiple iterations are mentally tested and discarded to the beat of hiking boots before pattern making even starts. Continue reading

BuiltRight Industries

We love being outdoors. We love getting out and seeing what we can find. Especially if that means heading to the mountains or the lakes or anywhere we can spend a few days camping out of our truck. Finding quality products to helps us get the most out of our vehicle is important to us. Obviously, we like American Made products. We also like products that are functional. We’ve found all of these things at BuiltRight Industries. Continue reading


Coolers seem to be one of those things that people manage to forget about. Until then need one! Orca produces American Made coolers in a number of sizes and materials to cover whatever your needs may be. You’ll find hard side coolers as well as soft side coolers available. All of the Orca coolers are Made in America. At ORCA Coolers we take American job creation very seriously, which is why we make all our roto-molded coolers here at our facility in Ohio, and customize them here in Nashville. Continue reading


We are big believers in getting outside. It’s good for your mental health and your phsical health. One subset of individuals tend to take getting outside to the extreme: Hunters. Whether it is on a deep backcountry hunt or simply strolling through local wild lands. Hunters need quality gear when they are in the field. Quality American Made gear. When it comes to their backpacks and their tripods they can find this quality gear from Outdoorsmans. Continue reading


If you are looking to get into the great outdoors you are going to want to outfit yourself with some quality gear. Perhaps something handcrafted and Made in America. Take a look at Zpacks. Handcrafted shelters, backpacks, quilts and clothing, and Dyneema based accessories all proudly manufactured in the United States. Like so many other American companies, Zpacks was created to solve a distinct problem encounted by a single person. In this case, founder Joe Valesko was setting out on a 2004 thru-hide of the Appalachian Trail but could not find any gear to meet his needs. Continue reading
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