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When it comes to protecting valuable gear while venturing into the great outdoors, few companies offer the level of craftsmanship and durability that Lakewood does. Specializing in cases designed to withstand the elements, Lakewood has carved a niche for itself among outdoor enthusiasts, anglers, hunters, and archers. The brand offers a range of hard and soft cases, all promising to keep your equipment safe and organized, no matter where your adventures take you. Continue reading

Slayer Calls

2023-08-30 Hunting
We’ve been on a bit of a roll with hunting related companies lately, so, to continue down that path we’d like to introduce you to Slayer Calls from Eagle, Idaho. Started by Bill Ayer, Slayer Calls is the culimination of years of hunting experience and years of trying to create the perfect duck call. He did not stop after creating the perfect duck call though: Bill didn’t stop with the perfect duck call. Continue reading

Dans Hunting Gear

Planning to be outside in the coming months? Perhaps a camping trip or maybe even a hunting excursion of some type? For some proper American Made outdoor clothing, take a look at Dan’s Hunting Gear. These Amish hand-made pieces will keep you warm and dry and concealed. All of Dan’s products are handmade off-site by over 40 local Amish seamstresses. This process begins with all the materials being hand cut, then serged to prevent seams from fraying and pulling apart. Continue reading

Elevate Stand Co

2023-08-22 Hunting Outdoors
If you are a hunter you are most likely preparing for the coming seasons. September is only a few weeks away! Looking to hunt from up high? Elevate Stand Co is an American company producing lightweight, high quality hang on tree stands in Kansas. The company was founded by two brothers, Josh and Jared Stubbs. The duo grew up hunting with family and friends. “If they were hunting, they were happy. Continue reading

Go Wild Camo

Go Wild Camo was born from a desire to do better. To create something better than what existed at the time. While hunting Elk in western Montana, well above the snow-line, I realized that most of the modern camouflage clothing companies didn’t live up to their claims. On our trek we gained 3,800 feet in just under 6 miles and the need to constantly change out layers for lack of performance slowed us down more than the terrain. Continue reading

Quality Archery Designs

It is no secret that we love archery. We’ve featured a whole host of various archery companies including Easton Archery, Ethics Archery, Last Chance Archery, Stan Releases, Bowtech and Arizona Archery Enterprises … just to name a few. Today we add a new one to the list: Quality Archery Designs based in Virginia. Quality Archery Designs, perhaps better known as simply QAD, has been manufacturing innovative archery products in America since 1992. Continue reading

Stan Releases

If you are a lover of archery you probably find yourself in one of two spots: Either looking for the perfect release or owning several type of releases after having researched for some time. Stan Releases is a New York based company that makes a number of different types of archery releases to cover all needs. Whether you prefer an index release or a thumb release or even a hinge release they have it covered. Continue reading

Mountain Ridge Gear

Mountain Ridge Gear describes its backstory as: … a classic case of hobby-turned-small business born inside a fabric store. That’s our favorite type of company! After 24 years in the military, founder Eric Lynn had gained an affinity for rugged and functional gear. He aslso realized that most of the gear made for hunting or tack just didn’t meet the standards he thought it should. Seams not as resiliant as they should be, materials that were just not as durable as they needed to be. Continue reading

Easton Archery

Archery is a sport that can become all-consuming. The further you go with it, the more you find you want to become better. One highly impactful item in your archery quiver (pun intended!) is your choice of arrow. Easton Archery has been offering innovative and high-quality archery products since its founding in 1922. As the world leader, Easton shafts are used by more bowhunters, crossbowmen, 3D competitors, target shooters and Olympic archery competitors than all other brands combined. Continue reading

Initial Ascent

Any true outdoors person will tell you: your pack is of utmost importance. It serves many masters: the fit must be perfect; it must hold everything you’ll need for however long you’ll be out; it must hold up to the serious demands of being away from civilization for long periods of time. We are always on the lookout for quality packs. Our latest find is Initial Ascent. Initial Ascent offers up hunting packs in 6 different sizes. Continue reading
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