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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Gulf Wave

We love companies that produce products for very specific markets. There are so many out there that we’ll never get to them all. However, today we will get to Gulf Wave products. Gulf Wave manufactures custom material handling equipment and fabrication tables right here in the United States. Specifically in Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s not only the professionals who use equipment like this either. Some of us like to tinker on our own small fabrication projects and we can personally attest to the helpfulness of having the proper equipment when doing so. Continue reading

Eco Smart Labels

Here’s a great idea: Glowing Labels for fire extinguishers! Eco Smart Labels is a small business run by full-time Indiana high school teacher Lauren Heim. Beyond the glowing labels Eco Smart Labels also offers Culinary Labels that they sell through We love small businesses and like to see them succeed. Eco Smart Labels clearly has a great idea and we know we have a use for these! We are pretty sure you do to. Continue reading

Tway Lifting Products

Probably not something your average homeowner will be shopping for, but for those of you with commercial-sized needs, Tway Lifting Products has your rigging and lifting needs covered with American Made products. Founded by Joseph R. Tway in 1945, Tway Lifting Products is a full service rigging manufacturer and distributor of lifting and handling equipment, wire rope, construction and mill supplies. They have some serious products available. You’ll find items such as: Continue reading

William Roam

William Roam produces American Made, spa-quality, amenities for your home as well as for the hotel industry. William Roam products are American-made, but more than that, they’re American-inspired. Each product features American fruits, grains and other key ingredients. They’re also formulated, refined, and packaged in the states. They produce hotel amenities for those looking to stock up lots of rooms. But they also offer a number of products for the individual. Continue reading


We love camping and just generally being outside and experiencing nature. In a perfect world we’d be doing this all year round from the comfort of either an RV of some type. When we reach that point we’ll be sure to look at what Jayco has to offer. Jayco manufactures the majority of their products from their home in Middlebury, Indiana. What isn’t made there is made at their campus in Twin Falls, Idaho. Continue reading


There’s nothing quite like a great pillow to put under your head at the end of the day. It may be the best way to ensure you are getting a great night of sleep. Malpaca produces American Made sleep products made of alpaca fleece. Have you ever felt an Alpaca? They are quite soft and we have to imagine that sleeping on a pillow made of Alpaca fleece has to be incredibly comfortable. Continue reading


2023-02-14 Utility
Do you drive a truck? Maybe pull a trailer? Carry cargo anywhere? How are you securing it? You may want to check out Up-Tite for your cargo securing needs. The Up-Tite tie down system is a heavy duty system made from annodized aluminum. The standard rail sets come with 2 rails, 4 single hook slides, 4 universal hooks and all needed mounting hardware. The use cases for these are almost endless. Continue reading

Aqua Rita

2023-01-03 Home Goods Outdoors
Unfortunately for us, we do not have a pool. If we did, we would most likely own an Aqua-Rita table. The Aqua-Rita table installs in your pool and gives you seating for four as well as a tabletop to sit your drinks. Or whatever else you may have in the pool with you. The company lists the features as: Simple Installation Firest and only of its kind Build-in cup holders Built-in chairs and umbrella holder Fully-adjustable table and chair height MADE IN THE USA We like that last one. Continue reading


Firearm safety is an extremely important topic. If you choose to own a firearm, you should also choose to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to securing your weapon. TriggerSafe is a product that will allow you to keep ultimate control over your firearm and keep it in a safe configuration. Triggersafe™ is manufactured in LaPorte, Indiana. This safety feature is being used by people around the USA and overseas for hunting, storage, transporting and anytime they don’t have full control of the weapon. Continue reading

Mr Canary

2022-10-21 Outdoors Home Goods
We absolutely love every company that we feature here on BeAmericanMade. We truly do. However, this company has set the bar pretty high for everyone else. Mr. Canary is the self-proclaimed “company that made bird feeding cool.” However, we think they are pretty cool for how they run their Indiana-based business. At the core, Mr. Canary is a company that manufactures and sells bird feeders and bird feed. They offer several products that will put you in very high standing with your local birds for sure. Continue reading
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