Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Clearwater Stag Works

Many people these days have their ’edc’ setup. This Every Day Carry system may consist of many things. For some it’s simply keys a flashlight and a pocket knife. For others it may be all of those plus a pistol and additional magazines. Whatever your EDC may be, Clearwater Stag Works has solution for you for when you are at home and these items are not physically on you. Take a look at their products and you’ll quickly see they have numerous options. Continue reading

Flagpole Farm

We have featured a few different types of American Flag companies, such as wood art American Flags and the more standard fabric American Flags. But, what about flying your American Flag proudly in front of your home or business? For that, you need an American Made Flag Pole. Flagpole Farm offers just the solution with their Titan Flagpole Kit. They offer two variations to match the setup you need: Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit Titan Outrigger Kit Both of which are Made in America. Continue reading

Idaho Candle Company

In 2018 two friends in Idaho came together to launch the Idaho Candle Company. Eryn knew how to make candles. Deseree had relationship building and sales in her blood. Both were deeply enamored with their native home, Idaho, and needed to exercise their entrepreneurial and creative muscles. The candles produced by Idaho Candle Company are non-toxic, paraben free, not testing on animals and Made in America. They sell a series of candles specific to each individual state. Continue reading