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Montana Brand Tools

2023-02-07 Tools
If you have poked around this site at all, you’ll know that we really do love American Made Tools. What you may not know is we also believe Montana to be the most amazing state in the country. So…imagine our excitement when we discovered Montana Brand Tools. American Made tools made in Ronan, Montana! It was a necessity that early settlers of Montana have a strong will, a resilient character and great determination to tame the rugged landscape while adapting to its dramatic climate. Continue reading


2023-01-05 Tools
Are you about to undertake some home projects? Perhaps knock something off your list of resolutions for this new year of 2023? You’ll probably find yourself needing some proper tools for the projects. If your projects are inside the house, you should be taking a look at Warner for your tool needs. Warner was founded in 1927 by Harry Warner. We like how he thought about things: Harry used to say the only thing you have that is worth anything is your name. Continue reading

Flame Engineering

In all our years of dealing with weeds on the property, the one process we did not think to try was FIRE! We are re-thinking that now. Flame Engineering produces American Made flamers and torches to deal with unwanted weeds and grass. You literally burn them away! Flame Engineering offers a number of different options, depending on the end-use scenario. Light Duty Torch Kits for the smaller projects Heavy Duty Torch Kits for the larger jobs Agricultural Flamers for farm use They even make the Red Dragon Roofing Torches for roofing projects! Continue reading

Council Tool

2022-12-21 Tools Outdoors
Everyone knows we have a love of American Made Tools here at Be American Made. Today we are featuring a unique subset of tools: American-made forged striking tools produced by Council Tool. Council Tool has been producing American made striking tools since 1886. At Council Tool, we specialize in professional-grade, American-made forged striking tools: axes, mauls, sledgehammers, pry bars, fire tools, and more. Our full product line is backed by more than 135 years of quality, reliability, and expertise from one of the oldest tool-making and forging operations in the United States. Continue reading

The Deck Tool

2022-12-16 Tools Utility
Do you have a deck on your home? How often are you driven mad by the leaves and other bits of material that get stuck between the boards? Lucky for you (and all of us!) The Deck Tool exists to alleviate these problems. The tool is the brainchild of founder George Wilson. He made the tool to solve a continuing problem of not being able to get all kinds of debris out from between the deck boards. Continue reading

Grace USA

2022-12-14 Tools
If you have followed along here for any length of time, you know that we love American Made Tools. We’ve featured quite a few tool companies, such as Chapman MFG, Wright Tool, ChannelLock and Safety Seal. Today we are adding another American Made Tool company: Grace USA. Grace USA creates tools for several specific areas of use: Gunsmith Tools Woodworking Tools Industrial Tools Military Tools Mechanics Tools They also offer Home & Gift tool kits. Continue reading


Whether you are looking for a pocket multi-tool, a keychain, or even a pocket knife, Zootility has you covered. Even better, everything is Made in America. Zootility is built on a commitment to create quality products Made in the USA. We work with honest domestic suppliers to provide the highest quality products that will last a lifetime. As a small workshop operating in the woods of Maine, all development and fabrication is kept under one roof. Continue reading


2022-11-18 Tools
One thing that most folks neglect in their homes is the state of their knife blades. Are they sharp? Maybe, maybe not. When was the last time you sharpened one? SelecTool produces a knife & tool sharpener that will allow you to sharpen practically any bladed item you may have. Knives, scissors, pruners, pizza cutters. Heck, even axes, hatchets and sickles! And it is USA made. The SELECTOOL is 100% MADE IN AMERICA, (and will always be. Continue reading


2022-11-15 Tools Utility
Pickup trucks are very much a part of everyday life in the United States. According to Newsweek, the top 3 selling vehicles in American in 2021 are all pickup trucks. The Ford F-Series followed by the Ram Pickup and then the Chevy Silverado. What better way to update your pickup than with an American Made drawer and storage system for the bed? Decked creates a number of variations on pickup bed storage. Continue reading

Wilde Tool

2022-11-08 Tools
Wilde Tool was created in 1922 by brothers Otto and Paul Froeschl along with Henry J. Wilde. All these many years later, the company is still run by the original Froeschl family. That is impressive! All of the Wilde Tool products are made in the USA, as quality tools should be. You’ll find quite the list of available tools: Chisels Pliers Pry Bars Punches Scrapers Screwdrivers Service Tools Wrenches The public mission statement for Wilde Tool is: Continue reading
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