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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Vermont Woods Studios

Furniture is something that is very personal to the purchaser. Everyone wants something that is perfect for them. Vermont Woods Studios manufactures a full suite of furniture that will make any discerning shopper happy. Not only are the designs appealing but the furniture itself is made right here in America. In Vermont of course. You’ll find furniture for your entire home: Bedroom Furniture Dining Room Furniture Living Room Furniture Home Office Furniture Outdoor Furniture Vermont Woods Studios has many goals, one of which is to support local workshops, both large and small, that produce high quality, solid and lasting furniture. Continue reading

Appalachian Cast Iron

2023-08-15 Cookware Home Goods
Our cast iron pans see a lot of use. Everything from cooking a grilled cheese to reverse searing a great steak. One cast iron item we do not yet have is a waffle iron. However, now that we have found Appalachian Cast Iron we can correct that. A fascination with antique waffle irons led to the creation of Appalachian Cast Iron. For the past 30 years I have been fascinated by antique waffle irons and have collected many. Continue reading

Brooklyn Slate Co.

2023-07-24 Home Goods
If you love to entertain you most likely take pride in the various ways you can present edible items to your guests. If you have not yet checked out Brooklyn Slate Co. and what they offer, we think you should. Brooklyn Slate Co. was started in 2009 with unused slate remnants from a 3rd generation family quarry. These days the company is one of the largest distributors of American Made slate products. Continue reading

Peterboro Basket Company

2023-07-20 Home Goods Utility
We love American companies that have been around for a while. Peterboro Basket Company certainly checks that box. Founded in 1854 Peterboro Basket Company has been manufacturing American Made baskets for almost 170 years! We like the Large Magazine & Fireside Storage Basket ourselves. Would love to have that sitting next to the fireplace with a few logs in it. We also think the Hardwood Drum Cooler is pretty nifty. Not only will you keep your beverages cool but you’ll have a great conversation piece as well! Continue reading

Eco Smart Labels

Here’s a great idea: Glowing Labels for fire extinguishers! Eco Smart Labels is a small business run by full-time Indiana high school teacher Lauren Heim. Beyond the glowing labels Eco Smart Labels also offers Culinary Labels that they sell through We love small businesses and like to see them succeed. Eco Smart Labels clearly has a great idea and we know we have a use for these! We are pretty sure you do to. Continue reading

Sunset Hill Stoneware

2023-07-05 Home Goods
Sunset Hill Stoneware has been creating handmade pottery since 1998. Being handmade, each piece is truly a one-of-a-kind. The process of creating a handmade pottery mug is non-trivial for sure. The potters make every mug by hand. The handlers then put your artwork on each much, as needed. The glazers then apply glaze made of minerals mined from around the country. Each piece is then put in the firehouse for a proper finish. Continue reading

Wisconsin Candle Company

2023-06-26 Home Goods
We’ve finally found the perfect candle! The Brandy Old Fashioned from Wisconsin Candle Company. Who doesn’t like an old fashioned? Wisconsin Candle Company hand pours each of their all natural artisan soy candles in Waunakee, Wisconsin. The wax is 100% soy wax with no additives. They use no dyes or uv additives in their process either. The fragrances are all from oils that use no parabens or phthalates. They are made from the natural aromatic components of the scent rather than synthetic chemicals. Continue reading

House Copper

House Copper is a female-owned and operated venture that is unique in many ways. For instance: I’m the only known female coppersmith building and designing copper cookware in America. That’s pretty cool. After a series of successful ventures (and adventures!) owner Sara Dahmen realized a few important things: American cookware designs were lost No one was actually building cookware lines, in American styles, IN America And no one knew how to do the whole process anymore (back in the day, you’d walk up the road to the blacksmith/tinsmith/coppersmith to get things) What better way to solve these issues than to start House Copper do it herself! Continue reading

Country Cottons

2023-06-12 Home Goods
Is there really any better material than cotton when it comes to blankets or towels? We’d say no. Country Cottons is a North Carolina based company that produces 100% Cotton Throw Blankets, Cotton Dishcloths, Cotton Kitchen Towels, Table Napkins and Pot Holders & Over Mitts. All of the products are proudly Made In the United States. EVEN IN THIS AGE OF MAN-MADE MATERIALS, NOTHING CAN MATCH 100% COTTON FOR STRENGTH, DURABILITY, FEEL AND BEAUTY. Continue reading


2023-06-09 Home Goods Beverage
Summer and hot weather is fast approaching. Do you have a way to keep your drinks cold and your hands dry while enjoying your beverages in the sun? You might want to take a look at Tervis drinkware. Founder John C. Winslow loved the outdoors. He wanted to enjoy his cold beverages while outside without getting his hands wet in the process. This desire led him to the work of Frank Cotter and G. Continue reading
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