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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Tway Lifting Products

Probably not something your average homeowner will be shopping for, but for those of you with commercial-sized needs, Tway Lifting Products has your rigging and lifting needs covered with American Made products. Founded by Joseph R. Tway in 1945, Tway Lifting Products is a full service rigging manufacturer and distributor of lifting and handling equipment, wire rope, construction and mill supplies. They have some serious products available. You’ll find items such as: Continue reading

General Pencil Company

2023-04-26 Art Materials Tools
For those of us that like to doodle now and then, or simply write on paper, there is nothing quite like a real quality pencil. It’s easy to tell when you have found one. It just feels right in your hand and allows you to use it as though it is an extension of your hand. The General Pencil Company has been hand-crafting pencils from a factory in Jersey City, NJ for over 130 years. Continue reading

BCY Fibers

It’s no secret we love archery. We’ve featured serveral archery companies before, including Ethics Archery, Last Chance Archery, H2 Saddles, Iron Will Outfitters and BK Outdoors. One thing that all archers need is an excellent set of strings. BCY Fibers creates just that. You’ll find bowstring material, crossbow material and serving material You’ll also find archery accessories as well. Basically covering all string-related archery needs. They even have bow fishing line! Continue reading

Forever Barnwood

Everyone loves the look of reclaimed barnwood. It looks great and brings back historical memories from times gone by. The problem is that there is a finite amount of it available. There are only so many barns in the country where wood can be found. Forever Barnwood has the solution. They produce products that use new wood combined with a patent-pending treatment process that captures the unique qualities of barnwood with a quicker turnaround time and more affordable prices. Continue reading

Mountain Meadow Wool

Mountain Meadow Wool is on a journey to preserve and sustain the ranches of the Great American West. Mountain Meadow creates 100% USA Made and 100% Ranch Traceable wool products on the western plains of Wyoming. You can learn more about the history of Mountain Meadow. If you are looking for American Made raw materials such as Yarn or Fiber you will find it at Mountain Meadow Wool. They also sell American Made apparel they make in-house using their own materials. Continue reading