Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Play Pits

In the modern age, as parents become increasingly conscious of the products they introduce to their children, the demand for safe and locally sourced goods has witnessed a surge. Perhaps you have not thought of it yet, but where is the deodorant made that you are giving to your children? Say hello to Play Pits. Play Pits was founded by Chantel Powell, a wife and working mom of 3. After having her youngest son, Kaiden, she was diagnosed with a rare eczema condition that left her allergic to an ingredient found in almost every skin and hair care product. Continue reading

William Roam

William Roam produces American Made, spa-quality, amenities for your home as well as for the hotel industry. William Roam products are American-made, but more than that, they’re American-inspired. Each product features American fruits, grains and other key ingredients. They’re also formulated, refined, and packaged in the states. They produce hotel amenities for those looking to stock up lots of rooms. But they also offer a number of products for the individual. Continue reading

Bezi Bra Discs

Way back in 1956 Edith’s Lingerie Shop opened in Princeton, New Jersey. The shop belonged to Anne Zuckerman’s mother. From very early in life Anne had the opportunity to watch and learn from her mother as she ran her shop. This included trips to New York City to purchase merchandise. After these years of learning and growing, Anne had a product idea that she wanted to bring to market. That product was the Bezi Bra Disc. Continue reading

Sister Bees

Dealing with chapped lips every fall reminds us all of the need for some quality lip balm. Not to mention the other personal care items that help us get through every day! If you are like us and you prefer to stick with American Made quality products, check out Sister Bees. Based in Michigan they produce personal care and wellness products along with candles and honey & wax items. They even have pet products for your furry friends! Continue reading

Ozark Beard Company

Growing a bad-ass beard? Want to take great care of it? Of course you do. Ozark Beard Company can handle that for you with their American Made beard oils. OBC wants to change the way most people look at beardsman - a bunch of lazy, unkept dudes. Everyone’s beard is their identity and should be showcased so REP THE BEARD! A few different options are available: Urban Bourbon Bay Rum Beard Oil Moss Man Beard Oil Bare Beard Oil (unscented) Or, you can grab a 3-pack Starter Kit that has Moss Man, Bay Rum and Bare included! Continue reading


2023-01-16 Beauty Health
Knowing that your self care products are created responsibly is extremely important these days. Not only does Briogeo do that, but they also do so by manufacturing the products here in America. A soul-searching journey by founder Nancy Twine led to the creation of Briogeo. We are on a mission to empower every person to succeed on their healthy hair journey Briogeo sticks to a “6-free promise” by which they always say ’no’ to six controversial ingredients commonly used in in hair care. Continue reading


2022-11-11 Beauty Clothing
Established in 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA, Knotzland is doing great things to recycle products and create amazing bowties! You can take a look at the bowties to see what they are making. These are great looking ties. And they are created from recycled textiles. Not only creating a great and useful product, but helping to limit what ends up in our landfills as well. This is something we can get behind. Continue reading

Olde Country Soap

2022-08-10 Beauty Health
Do you ever become concerned when putting something on your skin? Wondering where it was made? What it is made of? Many of us do. Thankfully, when it comes to soap, you can remove some of those worries by using American Made soap produced by Olde Country Soap. Olde Country Soap produces hande-made, natural soap. What could be better for your skin? Inspired by traditional Amish soap-making techniques, our soap is made using a cold-process, and then cured for over one month, keeping the oils in our natural ingredients intact. Continue reading

Rugged Company

2022-08-09 Beauty Home Goods
The Rugged Company brings an American Made holistic approach to skin care. Rugged Company sells over 100 products that are all American Made in Noblesville, IN. You will find everything from Exfoliating Body Whip to Sugar Scrub and many things in between. See the full list of available products at this shop: If you are looking to stock your own shop with products, Rugged Company Wholesale will fill your needs. Continue reading

Makeup America

2022-08-05 Makeup Beauty
Looking for some patriotic pops of color? Even the prices are patriotic! $17.76 (Declaration of Independence) and $13.76 (13 original colonies). Makeup America makes the pledge that all products are cruelty-free, non-gmo, paraben-free, fragrance-free and Make in the USA. American Made Makeup! At their online shop you will find various colors of lipstick as well as nail polish. All appropriately packaged in red, white and blue to show off the USA sourced materials in these American Made beauty items. Continue reading