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Mr Canary

2022-10-21 Outdoors Home Goods

We absolutely love every company that we feature here on BeAmericanMade. We truly do. However, this company has set the bar pretty high for everyone else.

Mr. Canary is the self-proclaimed “company that made bird feeding cool.” However, we think they are pretty cool for how they run their Indiana-based business.

At the core, Mr. Canary is a company that manufactures and sells bird feeders and bird feed. They offer several products that will put you in very high standing with your local birds for sure.

Variations on feeders include:

You can even set up a subscription to make things as easy as possible.

And, if you are curious why you should start feeding your local winged friends, take a look at the benefits of bird feeding.

However, what we think is really cool about Mr. Canary is how they run the business.

The company was started in 1995 by sisters Jan Long and Christina Mowery. This proudly female-owned business employs local community groups to help in the production of their products.

They partner with The Arc of Greater Boone County which describes itself as:

The Arc of Greater Boone County was incorporated in 1970 to advocate and provide services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

They also partner with Bosma Enterprises, a community not-for-profit organization that works with adults who are blind or visually impaired.

We absolutely love all of this. Employee American Workers of all types and create great products here in the USA. This is what “Made in America” is all about.

Mr. Canary explains it far better than we can:

The Mr. Canary® Company operates with a clear aim; to run a business that makes quality products and a little difference in the community. Our business model dares stereotypes and combines enterprise with social responsibility. Our community partnerships demonstrate the potential of work to ignite achievement and help each other ‘rise’ to our potential. Our mission statement asserts that “our business choices will honor our community, our country, and our planet.” To that end, we make an earnest effort to source recyclable materials from American suppliers when available; and, search for suppliers that utilize sustainable manufacturing methods.

Learn a bit more about the “peeps” who make the birdfeeders: Peeps Who Make Our Birdfeeders

Then get yourself a Mr. Canary feeder for the yard!

Company: Mr. Canary