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Bezi Bra Discs

Way back in 1956 Edith’s Lingerie Shop opened in Princeton, New Jersey. The shop belonged to Anne Zuckerman’s mother.

From very early in life Anne had the opportunity to watch and learn from her mother as she ran her shop. This included trips to New York City to purchase merchandise.

After these years of learning and growing, Anne had a product idea that she wanted to bring to market.

That product was the Bezi Bra Disc.

These ‘modesty covers’ are manufactured in Pennsylvania and are available for purchase directly from the Bezi website.

They are available in four color options: Natural/Clear, Blush, Latte and Mocha so you can match the exact tone you need. They are also 100% latex free and adhesive free.

The company not only manufactures in the United States but is also female owned and operated!

The president, Anne Zuckerman, has a quote that we absolutely love:

I love living in a country where someone like me can own a lingerie shop, create a product and sell that product to thousands of women to enhance their lives.

That is what it’s all about! American Made products filling needs!

Company: Bezi Bra Discs