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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.


Want to learn about a truly awesome American company? Read the the history of White’s Boots. What an amazing story! The White’s Boots legacy has been in service to the relentless spirit of the American worker, whose labor has helped the legend of our boots grow from the Pacific Northwest to those around the world. These are serious boots for serious workers. Boots for ‘harsh demands.’ White’s caters to those who really punish their footwear. Continue reading


2022-12-29 Footwear
Have you ever noticed that when you see people who are on their feet for long periods of time during the day they are frequently wearing clogs? They must be comfortable, right? Unfortunately, we do not yet any a pair of clogs, however, we think we have found the pair we want. They are made by Kurier. American Made, made by hand clogs. The best type of clogs! You’ll find many different types of clogs available. Continue reading


We all have someone in the family who is always cold, right? Most usually complaining they have cold feet! Here is the perfect solution for thos people: MyFootsie As their fans say, it’s “A sleeping bag for your feet!” Creator Dr. Paul Wade decided he needed a solution for his own feet being cold. Thus, the MyFootsie was created! As a proud veteran, I wanted my product to be made in the USA. Continue reading


Looking for quality boots that are handmade in the USA? Check out Gokey. These are about as far away from our most recently featured footwear companies, Toehold Flip Flops and Okabashi. Those were clearly for the beach, Gokey Boots are built for a more rugged arena. Each pair of Gokey boots is 100% made in the USA. Hand stitched by craftsmen. Nothing is outsourced, nothing is imported, we do it all ourselves, right here in Tipton Missouri. Continue reading


2022-08-20 Footwear Clothing
Everyone Deserves to Have Comfortable Feet That is what Okabashi believes and why they make quality footwear from their home in Buford, GA. Our shoes have garnered a loyal following with over 35 million pairs of shoes sold. Today, over 99% of American-worn footwear is made abroad. We are proud to be in the 1% that has chosen to stay and thrive in the USA. Made in the USA since 1984. Continue reading

Toehold Flip Flops

2022-08-01 Clothing Footwear
Premium flip-flops, Handmade in American. That is what you will get from Toehold . The story of Toehold mimics that of many great beginnings. A founder has a problem and decides to find the best way to fix that problem. In this case, it was a broken strap on a flip flop. The end result: hand crafted, hand made premium flip flops. You can read the story of how Toehold started here . Continue reading