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Scoute Arms

2023-08-28 Firearms
Looking for a new hunting rifle? Perhaps a new competition rig? Maybe even a new pistol? Check out Montana -based Scoute Arms for some great American Made firearms. SCOUTE is a group of like-minded individuals who accept nothing but perfection. Located in the Shields Valley of Montana, we have formed a team of lifelong hunters and proud service members. Whether you’re in pursuit of big game in the harshest environments this country has to offer, or you’re in need of a weapon system to protect your family and community, we promise to always deliver exactly what you need with NO COMPROMISE ever. Continue reading


One theme that permeates through many of the companies we have featured here is the notion of getting outside. Being in nature. Whether it is hunting or simply getting outdoors for some camping. We love getting outside and think it’s great for the soul. When you get outside you are going to want to be properly clothed for whatever endeaver you are undertaking. For that, you might want to take a look at Forloh. Continue reading

Montana Canvas

Having recently spent time in a back country camping setup, we have a fondness for serious canvas wall tents. That is just one of the many American Made items that Montana Canvas manufactures from their home in Belgrade, Montana. In addition to the Wall Tents you’ll find Custom Tents, Glamping Tents and Specialized Tents. Need a way to heat the wall tent you purchase? Montana Canvas also manufactures stoves to keep you nice and toasty while roughing it. Continue reading

Montana Knife Company

We’ve said it before, we think Montana is an amazing state. Now we have something else amazing coming from the state of Montana: Montana Knife Company. The Montana Knife Company knives are beautiful hand-finished works of art that are meant to be used and abused. These knives are primarily for your hunting needs. One knife to rule them all. Grab yourself a Blackfoot Fixed Blade and head into the woods! Continue reading

West Paw

2023-02-09 Pets
Every dog owner will tell you the same thing: they only want the best for their pets. To us, that means finding American Made products that we can feel confident giving to our four-legged buddies. West Paw is one such company. That’s why we guarantee every product. We’ll replace or refund any product that doesn’t live up to your standards. We also care about how we make the things dogs love. Continue reading

Montana Brand Tools

2023-02-07 Tools
If you have poked around this site at all, you’ll know that we really do love American Made Tools. What you may not know is we also believe Montana to be the most amazing state in the country. So…imagine our excitement when we discovered Montana Brand Tools. American Made tools made in Ronan, Montana! It was a necessity that early settlers of Montana have a strong will, a resilient character and great determination to tame the rugged landscape while adapting to its dramatic climate. Continue reading


2023-01-09 Clothing
“From sheep to shelf.” The mantra of merino wool apparel company Duckworth. Not sure what this is? Read what is Merino Wool to get a better understanding of the benefits. Duckworth not only makes the apparel but also manages the sheep on their ranch in Dillon, MT. We don’t source wool, we grow it on our ranch in Montana. We carefully manage every step of the process, from fiber to finished garment. Continue reading

Red Oxx

Bags. Almost everyone on the planet needs a good bag. Perhaps a backpack for school. Maybe a proper overnight bag for those one-night work trips. Maybe just a quality shoulder bag so you can carry items safely and securely. Red Oxx has all of these covered. And all of their bags are Made in America, in the beautiful state of Montana. The story of Red Ox is a great one. Starting in 1986 by a US Veteran of both the Marine Corp and the Army. Continue reading

Three Forks Saddlery

2022-09-08 Outdoors Sports
One of our favorite things in the world is the state of Montana. It’s wide open, beautful spaces just feel right. It’s only natural that we found an authentic Saddle crafting company based in Three Forks, MT. Three Forks Saddlery creates beautiful, hand crafted, American Made saddles for ranchers, equine enthusiasts and those in the rodeo circuit. We’re betting you can get one for your horse even if you are not competing in the American Professional Rodeo Association. Continue reading

Fhf Gear

For more than a decade, FHF Gear has been proudly Made in America. FHF describes itself as: FHF GEAR IS A SMALL COMPANY THAT MAKES UNIQUE, HIGH QUALITY GEAR FOR THOSE WHO KNOW WHAT THEY NEED. The products that FHF produces are primarily for the outdoors peole who partake in fishing or hunting. Things such as their expandable bear spray holster, the ammo sleeve and the Bino Harness Pro-M. If you are looking to organize small items for your pack, take a look at the Synergy Series Organizer Bags. Continue reading
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