Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Merrow Knits

In an industry often criticized for its environmental footprint and fast-paced production cycles, Merrow Knits has positioned itself as a game-changer. The company’s approach to textile manufacturing centers around sustainability, innovation, and quality, making it a notable player in the evolving landscape of the apparel industry. Merrow Knits is backed by more than a century of experience in textile manufacturing. Building on its long history, the company has honed its expertise in knitting and has developed unique methods that set it apart from competitors. Continue reading


Have you visited a restroom at a restaurant lately? Or a gym? Or a train station? We have, and it seems they all use Excel hand dryers. What we did not know, until now, is that Excel manufactures all their products right here in the United States! Excel Dryer manufactures the best American made commercial hand dryers for your restroom environment. Setting the standard for performance, reliability and customer satisfaction. We also pride ourselves on giving our customers the most hygienic, cost-effective and sustainable hand drying solutions on the market. Continue reading


Randolph has one of the best stories of chasing an American Dream that we have come across to date. The result is handcrafted, American Made sunglasses for men and women. Originating in Poland, master machinists, Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski immigrated to the United States with their families and willed their way to create iconic, high-quality sunglasses, handmade in the USA. Doesn’t get more true to the core of the American Dream than that! Continue reading

Smith and Wesson

Smith & Wesson has been a storied American gunmaker since 1852 when Horace Smith and D.B. Wesson partnered in a quest to manufacture a firearm that could fire a fully self-contained cartridge. Since that time the company has produced a number of firearms that are recognized worldwide. The Volcanic, introduced in 1854 was the first repeating American firearm that met the requirement of firing a fully self-contained cartridge. Then in 1877 they introduced The . Continue reading

Ruff Dawg

2023-03-21 Pets Toys
Every dog owner we know wants only the best for their pets. They will bypass questionable food and toys to be sure they are only giving their furry best friends the best of what is available. If this sounds like you, say hello to Ruff Dawg. At Ruff Dawg, we are proud that all our toys are made entirely in the USA – from design to packaging, and manufacturing – in our Worcester, Massachusetts plant. Continue reading

American Blanket Company

2022-11-30 Bedding Home Goods
As we approach winter and the temps begin to dip a bit lower you might find yourself looking for a quality blanket to keep warm. We suggest you take a look at American Blanket Company. At American Blanket Company we launched with a goal of making as many products as possible in America. With a small group of committed artists and craftspeople in our shop in Fall River, Massachusetts we make the finest home textile products available anywhere. Continue reading


2022-09-16 Alcohol Home Goods
Carmen Beaton started Half-N-The-Bag by making simple totes back in 2012. Those totes turned into wine bags in 2014 thus spawning a fun American business. Each insulated wine bottle carrying bag is handmade in Massachusetts using quality designer fabrics and waterproof lining. We know quite a few people who could use one (or more!) of these bags. Our holiday shopping just got a lot easier! You can find almost any pattern to match what you might be looking for, whether it is Lobsters, Stars, Starfish or Hydrangea. Continue reading