Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.


Metrovac manufactures American Made vacuums and blower products from their facility in New Jersey. The company was started in 1939 by Israel Stern thanks to a $50 gift from his father-in-law Hyman Gulker. Mr. Gulker had pawned his prized pocket watch to obtain the $50 for the gift. Thus began the American Dream of Mr. Stern and his wife Pearl. The early years were devoted solely to the distribution and retailing of vacuum cleaners. Continue reading

Todd Shelton

So often these days clothing is made overseas to very poor quality standards. What if you want quality? What if you hold yourself to a higher standard when it comes to what you wear? For the men out there that are in this group, check out Todd Shelton. Todd Shelton manufactures American Made men’s clothing from their manufacturing facility just outside New York City in East Rutherford, NJ . The stated purpose for the company is short and to the point: Continue reading

Farm Plast

Milk crates seem to be the do-all storage solution for almost every person we have ever met. You can stack them, stand on them and color-coordinate them. Farm Plast manufactures authentic milk crates that are 100% Made in the USA. The company is privately owned and was founded in 2007 and currently employs 28 individuals. It’s not just the old standard square milk crate that they offer either! You’ll find several options: Continue reading

General Pencil Company

2023-04-26 Art Materials Tools
For those of us that like to doodle now and then, or simply write on paper, there is nothing quite like a real quality pencil. It’s easy to tell when you have found one. It just feels right in your hand and allows you to use it as though it is an extension of your hand. The General Pencil Company has been hand-crafting pencils from a factory in Jersey City, NJ for over 130 years. Continue reading


2022-09-27 Firearms
Henry has, without a doubt, the greatest company motto of any company in the world. Made In America, Or Not Made At All. If one chooses to read the history of firearms in the United State, perhaps with a book such as Gun Barons: The Weapons That Transormed America and the Men Who Invented Them you will no doubt learn about Benjamin Tyler Henry. Mr. Henry was an American gunsmith and the inventor of the Henry Rifle, the first reliable lever-action repeating rifle. Continue reading

Leather Head Sports

2022-09-13 Art Outdoors Sports
Leather Head Sports was started to fuel the passion of founder Paul Cunningham’s desire to create beautiful, heirloom quality sporting goods. In a connected, modern world, we want to remind folks that the best memories of sports are from when we were young, and our sporting goods were made to last. Leather Head creates a full line of custom leather balls: Baseballs Footballs Basketballs Medicine Balls Rugby Balls Soccer Balls All of which are Made in America. Continue reading