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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Campfire Arts

Based in Caldwell, [/tags/idaho]Idaho, Campfire Arts came to be with the simple idea that “handcrafted goods make life enjoyable and beautiful.” We agree 100%! You can see their full list of products but you can also break it down by category: Scouts Military Police and Firemen Faith Family Tradition Trail Life USA Martial Arts Custom Swords Original Art The United States Border Patrol Custom Wood Sword is a beautiful piece, as is the Military Custom Wooden Rudis Sword - Eagle. Continue reading

Bessell Surfboards

Bessell Surfboards founder Tim Bessell has an awesome story. He has combined a love of art and a love of surfing to become one of the worlds best surfboard shapers. After legitimizing himself as a shaper, Tim returned to San Diego, California to open Bessell Surfboards. By 1987, Bessell Surfboards had grown into one of the largest surfboard manufacturers in Southern California. Tim also made a name for himself as an artist, with exhibitions as far away as Japan. Continue reading


2023-05-18 Automotive Art
As we approach Memorial Day perhaps you’d like to show a little of your patriotic respect with an American Flag magnet on your auto? Tactilian manufactures American Made magnets in various forms to allow you to do just that. The company was created by Tyler Knox, a full time law enforcement officer. Proceeds from every magnet sold support wounded Veterans by benefiting our supported foundation, Homes For Our Troops. What is ‘Homes For Our Troops’ you may be asking: Continue reading

General Pencil Company

2023-04-26 Art Materials Tools
For those of us that like to doodle now and then, or simply write on paper, there is nothing quite like a real quality pencil. It’s easy to tell when you have found one. It just feels right in your hand and allows you to use it as though it is an extension of your hand. The General Pencil Company has been hand-crafting pencils from a factory in Jersey City, NJ for over 130 years. Continue reading

Vortic Watches

A quality wristwatch is a beautiful thing. And, let’s be honest, it’s something that folks have moved away from due to the proliferation of phones and associated electronic gadgets. Vortic Watches is the opposite of that, and something we are pretty excited about. Vortic Watch Company is a small batch, custom, watch manufacturing and vintage restoration company located in Northern Colorado. Our mission is to “preserve and enhance the legacy of manufacturing excellence in America. Continue reading

Cherokee Copper

2023-01-18 Jewelry Art
Greg Stice is the Cherokee Nation artist behind the family-owned and operated Cherokee Copper. Our jewelry is inspired by Cherokee tradition and culture,.If you enjoy the rich history, customs, beliefs, traditions and quality handcrafted jewelry that skilled Native American craftsmen are known for, we believe that you will admire our jewelry. The company is truly a family venture with parents and children all involved. Greg is an award-winning Cherokee Aritst who creates jewelry insprired by Cherokee tradition and culture. Continue reading

Zegers Freedom Flags

Handcrafted wood art pieces featuring the American Flag. This is the flagship (see what we did there?) product from Zegers Freedom Flags. Zegers Freedom Flags was created by Colonel Arthur Zegers IV, a US Military Veteran, and his daughter Morgan. Col. Zegers and his daughter, Morgan, started ZFF in 2018 as a way for Morgan to pay for college, but over the last three years, ZFF has become a full-fledged family business, where Col. Continue reading

American Skillet Company

If you or someone you know loves to cook and love the state they live in (or perhaps are from) then we’ve got the perfect item for you. American Skillet Company creates cast iron skillets in the shape of many of the states of this great country of ours. They also have one of the entire United States! American Made skillets in the shape of American States. How much more American Made can you get? Continue reading

Roots and Jones

Pens can be very personal to their owners. We all seem to have that one writing tool that we prefer over all others. If you’d like to up your game regarding your pen, you need to take a look at Roots & Jones. This unique team of grandfather and grandson hand make beautiful wooden pens from their shop near Louisville, KY. The Roots & Jones Story explains how Jim Cantrell, the grandfather in this duo, began making wood pens simply as unique gifts for friends and family. Continue reading

Second Story Cards

2022-11-10 Art
We love to see business that are doing what they can to help their local community. Second Story Cards is a business that was created for that exact reason. Second Story Cards is a boutique greeting card company that elevates the creative talents of homeless women and men. We believe that no one element in our lives, certainly not our housing status, defines us. And regardless of our circumstances, we have the ability to change our situation, to change the narrative wrongly being used to define us. Continue reading
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