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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Love of Country Clothing

2023-03-08 Clothing
Quality t-shirts and hoodies that are Made in America are seemingly hard to find. Thankfully, we have found Love Of Country Clothing who produces exactly that. At Love of Country Clothing, we like quality, style, and craftsmanship, and we’re certain you do too. There are a number of aspects that speak in favor of manufacturing products in the USA, namely ethics, employee safety, protection of the environment, quality, and investment into the American economy. Continue reading

HF Coors

What items in your house get used daily? Multiple times per day even? Your plates, bowls ane even drinkware! When we shop for items for the kitchen or dining areas, we know we want quality items that are Made in America. We know they are going to see lots of use and we want them to last for years and years. If you are like us, you should check out HF Coors. Continue reading

The Warmer Upper

We all know someone who is cold all the time. Someone that just needs a proper blanket to stay warm when at the stadium for a game or even watching from the couch at home. The Warmer Upper may be the perfect blanket for that person. Ideal for outdoor seating at your favorite brewery, near the fire pit, bleachers, sideline folding chairs & a whole lot more. We think the genius of The Warmer Upper is that it literally wraps around you. Continue reading

Pecos Outdoor

We are big fans of being outdoors. We are also big fans of Veterans and Veteran-owned companies. If you like these things as well, we think you’ll like Pecos Outdoor. Pecos Outdoor, a veteran owned company, produces The Pecos Table, which they describe as: This is not your average, ordinary table. Your table is stacked with features and technology that will elevate your experience. PECOS is the new gold standard for tables Continue reading

Zegers Freedom Flags

Handcrafted wood art pieces featuring the American Flag. This is the flagship (see what we did there?) product from Zegers Freedom Flags. Zegers Freedom Flags was created by Colonel Arthur Zegers IV, a US Military Veteran, and his daughter Morgan. Col. Zegers and his daughter, Morgan, started ZFF in 2018 as a way for Morgan to pay for college, but over the last three years, ZFF has become a full-fledged family business, where Col. Continue reading

Red Oxx

Bags. Almost everyone on the planet needs a good bag. Perhaps a backpack for school. Maybe a proper overnight bag for those one-night work trips. Maybe just a quality shoulder bag so you can carry items safely and securely. Red Oxx has all of these covered. And all of their bags are Made in America, in the beautiful state of Montana. The story of Red Ox is a great one. Starting in 1986 by a US Veteran of both the Marine Corp and the Army. Continue reading


We all have someone in the family who is always cold, right? Most usually complaining they have cold feet! Here is the perfect solution for thos people: MyFootsie As their fans say, it’s “A sleeping bag for your feet!” Creator Dr. Paul Wade decided he needed a solution for his own feet being cold. Thus, the MyFootsie was created! As a proud veteran, I wanted my product to be made in the USA. Continue reading

Black Rifle Coffee

2022-10-31 Beverage
Black Rifle Coffee Company may be the most American company around today. Black Rifle Coffee Company is a Veteran-founded coffee company serving premium coffee to people who love America. Founded in 2014 by former U.S. Army Green Beret Evan Hafer, Black Rifle Coffee Company has seen an impressive period of growth in the 8 years since. Much of that can be attributed to the way the company presents itself. Unapologetically American. Continue reading

Brass Honcho

2022-10-26 Art Home Goods
We love supporting American Veterans and the companies they run. Brass Honcho fits right in line with that. Here is how they describe the company: BRASS HONCHO IS A COMPANY THAT’S ALL ABOUT MAKING AWESOME PRODUCTS FOR MEN AND WOMEN WHO LOVE BULLET GIFTS MADE FROM REAL BRASS, STEEL AND COPPER. IF YOU DON’T LOVE OUR PRODUCTS, SEND THEM BACK FOR A FULL REFUND. If you are looking for something a little sharper(! Continue reading

Fire Dept. Coffee

2022-10-19 Beverage
Fire Department Coffee employs a dedicated team of firefighters, first responders and coffee experts to roast the perfect coffee for you from their home in Rockford, IL. American Made, in this case, means American Roasted! Fire Department Coffee is run by active and retired firefighters, including our operations officer and chief coffee roaster. Who better to be in charge of the roasters than qualified firefighters! Fire Dept Coffee offers a full suite of coffees to match whatever you prefer. Continue reading
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