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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

J Dewey Rods

If you spend any time with firearms of any kind you know that they each need proper cleaning frequently. Some of us clean them after every use, and when we do this, we use cleaning rods from J Dewey Rods. Dewey Manufacturing has been supplying Sportsman, Law Enforcement, Competitors and Collectors with the highest quality gun cleaning rods and supplies in the industry since 1975. And these products are all Made in The USA! Continue reading


2023-05-31 Home Goods Utility
What is something most of us forget about until we absolutely need it? How about stain remover? We know that when we need it, we REALLY need it and frequently fail to have it nearby. Amodex manufactures America Made stain remover that is so good even the makers of Sharpie recommend it for removing their permanink markers! The family-owned and run company was created in 1957 when Peter, the grandfather, created a solution for dealing with the stubborn stains on his hands from long days working in the printing industry. Continue reading


In terms of firearms, there may be no more ‘American’ rifle than the Ruger American. It’s literally called: American. Can’t get any more straight forward than that! The rifle is produced by Ruger, an American firearms manufacturer that was founded in 1949 by Alexander Sturm and William Ruger. Alongside the Ruger American the company makes a full suite of firearms. Pistols, revolvers and rifles. In America. Whether you are a hard-core competition shooter, a hunter looking to feed your family or simply someone wanting to protect your family at home, Ruger will absolutely have a product for you. Continue reading

BCY Fibers

It’s no secret we love archery. We’ve featured serveral archery companies before, including Ethics Archery, Last Chance Archery, H2 Saddles, Iron Will Outfitters and BK Outdoors. One thing that all archers need is an excellent set of strings. BCY Fibers creates just that. You’ll find bowstring material, crossbow material and serving material You’ll also find archery accessories as well. Basically covering all string-related archery needs. They even have bow fishing line! Continue reading

BuiltRight Industries

We love being outdoors. We love getting out and seeing what we can find. Especially if that means heading to the mountains or the lakes or anywhere we can spend a few days camping out of our truck. Finding quality products to helps us get the most out of our vehicle is important to us. Obviously, we like American Made products. We also like products that are functional. We’ve found all of these things at BuiltRight Industries. Continue reading

Bevin Bells

Founded in 1832, Bevin Bells has been crafting high-quality bells in America for over 190 years! Today, the factory continues to produce over 50 different sizes and styles of bells – and every single bell is still made with great pride in East Hampton, CT. There are lots of types of bells to choose from: Cowbells Holiday Bells Gift & Wedding Bells Home, Garden & Boat Bells Shopkeepers We are partial to the Flag Call Bell ourselves. Continue reading

The Warmer Upper

We all know someone who is cold all the time. Someone that just needs a proper blanket to stay warm when at the stadium for a game or even watching from the couch at home. The Warmer Upper may be the perfect blanket for that person. Ideal for outdoor seating at your favorite brewery, near the fire pit, bleachers, sideline folding chairs & a whole lot more. We think the genius of The Warmer Upper is that it literally wraps around you. Continue reading

Chapman MFG

2022-08-03 Tools
Chapman MFG manufactures and sells American Made screwdriver sets from Durham, CT. Established in 1936 in a garage in Connecticut, Chapman MFG has had only 3 owners in that 80+ year timeframe. All of these owners have had the same vision for the company: make the best product possible while using USA sourced materials. Chapman tools and parts are American made and assembled from American made materials. Everything from the gear inside our famous midget ratchet, to our steel and paper brochures are made in America, the way it has been since 1936. Continue reading