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A dry bag is a must if you are going to be in the extreme outdoors. You’ll want them for any activities on the water for sure. However, they are incredibly useful for backcountry trips as well. Keeping your gear dry under any condition.

Watershed produces American Made dry bags for both military and civilian use.

Whether you need duffels for packing in to a remote spot or you need kayak bags for an extreme trip through the rapids, Watershed has you covered.

We recently returned from an 8-day backcountry trip and the top thing on our list of things we wished we had more of was Dry Bags. This was a trip into the mountains of Colorado in late October. We had 18" of snow and additional dry bags would have made our lives much easier. Not to mention less damp.

The Watershed story is another example of filling a need the founder himself had.

Watershed was founded in 1995 with a singular mission: build waterproof bags in the USA that we, as adventurers, could trust to keep our most cherished possessions dry under any conditions.

Still today they are manufacturing all of their bags right here in the United States.

Since 1995 Watershed has remained true to our roots, continuing to manufacture all of our bags in North Carolina — even as our competitors cut corners by importing bags from overseas. We are committed to designing, testing, and producing our product in the USA. We’re also committed to producing the best drybags on the planet.

They make it easy to find what you need on their website:

There is also an assortment of Military Bags as well.

We know, 100%, that dry bags improve your experience in the outdoors. Dry Bags made in the USA make it even better.

Company: Watershed