Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Globe Trailers

As you are driving down the highway seeing all types of truck and trailers, do you ever wonder where those trailers are made? We do. Globe Trailers is one of the companies making those trailers. Manufacturing these extraordinary items right here in the USA in Bradenton, FL. These trailers are not for your everyday individual looking to haul some trash to the dump. These are highly specialized items that are meant to carry comically large amounts of weight in a very safe manner. Continue reading

North St Bags

North St Bags uses recycled bottles to create highly water resistant bicycle panniers and bags that come with a lifetime warranty. And they are Made in America. Portland, OR to be exact. All North St. packs are designed, cut, and sewn in Portland, OR by our rad crew of makers. You’ll find a full list of bicycle bags as well as everyday bags and accessories. We like the Pioneer 8 Hip Pack and the backpack panniers that allow you to use them both on the bike and off. Continue reading

Clearwater Stag Works

Many people these days have their ’edc’ setup. This Every Day Carry system may consist of many things. For some it’s simply keys a flashlight and a pocket knife. For others it may be all of those plus a pistol and additional magazines. Whatever your EDC may be, Clearwater Stag Works has solution for you for when you are at home and these items are not physically on you. Take a look at their products and you’ll quickly see they have numerous options. Continue reading

The Door Balancer

2023-02-28 Home Goods Utility
We love it when someone creates something that solves a problem that many will just ignore. That’s the case with The Door Balancer. This Made in America door accessory fixes any problem doors you may have in your home or office that will not stay open on their own. Are you placing objects in front of doors to keep them open? If so, you’ll benefit from The Door Balancer and you won’t have random things propping open doors any more either! Continue reading


If you are in the market for high-end, hand-made, American Made leather goods, Lotuff should be on your short list. The products from Lotoff span a wide range. Everything from backpacks for men to totes for women to American Alligator wallets and even to completely custom bespoke items to match exactly what you need and want. All of it made by hand by American artisans. We know very little about how to tan leather, but reading about the Lotuff process is not only educational but also quite interesting. Continue reading

Tattler Lids

2023-02-24 Home Goods
We have featured products for canning before so we are hoping you are already doing that. And if you are, we are betting you might be needing some new or extra lids, yes? Tattler Lids produces exactly that. American Made reusable canning lids. The Tattler Lids are slightly different than conventional canning lids: Tattler Lids do require a bit of variation from conventional metal lids. Being a two piece combination with a rubber gasket ring, Tattler Lids must remain a bit loose during processing in order for the jar to vent the pressure that has built in the jar during processing. Continue reading

Forever Barnwood

Everyone loves the look of reclaimed barnwood. It looks great and brings back historical memories from times gone by. The problem is that there is a finite amount of it available. There are only so many barns in the country where wood can be found. Forever Barnwood has the solution. They produce products that use new wood combined with a patent-pending treatment process that captures the unique qualities of barnwood with a quicker turnaround time and more affordable prices. Continue reading

Goo Goo

2023-02-22 Food
Is there anyone who doesn’t love great candy? Seriously, who can turn down something as tasty as a Goo Goo Cluster? Not us. In 1912, in a copper kettle at the Standard Candy Company at Clark & First Avenue in Nashville, TN, America’s first combination candy bar was invented. That cobination candy was the original Goo Goo Cluster. This was the first time multiple elements were being mass-produced in a retail confection. Continue reading

Wintergreen Northern Wear

Sometimes we find out about American Made companies in strange places. Our feature today is on Wintergreen Northern Wear which is a company we learned of while reading Northland, a book about the writer traveling through the area between The United States and Canada. The book mentions the many adventures of founder Susan Hendrickson-Schurke which you can read more about here. It’s a great story for sure. In 2021 the company changed hands and is now run by two brothers. Continue reading

American Blossom Linens

2023-02-20 Home Goods Bedding
American Blossom Linens is a brand produced by Thomastown Mills in Georgia. They create Made in the USA linens and sell direct to consumers. You might say we are obsessed with making sheets. Our extended family has been manufacturing in the USA for over 122 years in Thomaston, a wonderful town in middle Georgia, despite the fact that most of our competitors have moved all their production overseas. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 1990 and 2016 there were a total of 516,000 jobs lost in the textile industry. Continue reading
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