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Velo Transit

You know us, we love bags. Whether from Red Oxx or Inside Line Equipment or Outdoorsmans. We simply love great bags, backpacks, fanny packs or any other ‘bag’ type item. We have a new company to add to our bag list: Velo Transit. Velot Transit makes bags from their shop in Seatac, Washington. You can bet their bags are waterproof! They have the perfect testing grounds for that, no question. Continue reading

Appalachian Cast Iron

2023-08-15 Cookware Home Goods
Our cast iron pans see a lot of use. Everything from cooking a grilled cheese to reverse searing a great steak. One cast iron item we do not yet have is a waffle iron. However, now that we have found Appalachian Cast Iron we can correct that. A fascination with antique waffle irons led to the creation of Appalachian Cast Iron. For the past 30 years I have been fascinated by antique waffle irons and have collected many. Continue reading


Stetson is synonymous with the American icon Cowboy Hat. Since its founding in 1865 by John B. Stetson, Stetson has been a global leader in headwear. The brand is so iconic that many folks simply refer to cowboy hats as ‘Stetsons.’ Quality and tradition are at the forefront of how Stetson produces hats: For over 150 years, Stetson has created quality products that are built to last and have deep roots in the American tradition. Continue reading

Quality Archery Designs

It is no secret that we love archery. We’ve featured a whole host of various archery companies including Easton Archery, Ethics Archery, Last Chance Archery, Stan Releases, Bowtech and Arizona Archery Enterprises … just to name a few. Today we add a new one to the list: Quality Archery Designs based in Virginia. Quality Archery Designs, perhaps better known as simply QAD, has been manufacturing innovative archery products in America since 1992. Continue reading

Taffy Town

2023-08-09 Food
Do have a candy that when you see it you just have to have it? For us, that is banana taffy. Banana not your flavor? No worries. Taffy Town has a massive number of taffy flavors for you to pick from. All Made in the USA. In the great state of Utah. Originally known as the Glade Candy Company, Taffy Town changed thier name in the 1990’s to focus their effors on total taffy excellence. Continue reading

Stan Releases

If you are a lover of archery you probably find yourself in one of two spots: Either looking for the perfect release or owning several type of releases after having researched for some time. Stan Releases is a New York based company that makes a number of different types of archery releases to cover all needs. Whether you prefer an index release or a thumb release or even a hinge release they have it covered. Continue reading

J Dewey Rods

If you spend any time with firearms of any kind you know that they each need proper cleaning frequently. Some of us clean them after every use, and when we do this, we use cleaning rods from J Dewey Rods. Dewey Manufacturing has been supplying Sportsman, Law Enforcement, Competitors and Collectors with the highest quality gun cleaning rods and supplies in the industry since 1975. And these products are all Made in The USA! Continue reading

Package Right

2023-08-04 Manufacturing Toys
Every so often we stumble across a company that does something we would never have thought of. That is the case today with Package Right. Package Right is a manufacture that produces jigsaw puzzles and board games for other companies. Have a great idea for a jigsaw puzzle but you aren’t sure how to get them produced? Talk to Package Right and chances are they will have you covered. Whether you are a massive company or just someone starting out, Package Right has services to get you up and running and making sales. Continue reading

Gulf Wave

We love companies that produce products for very specific markets. There are so many out there that we’ll never get to them all. However, today we will get to Gulf Wave products. Gulf Wave manufactures custom material handling equipment and fabrication tables right here in the United States. Specifically in Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s not only the professionals who use equipment like this either. Some of us like to tinker on our own small fabrication projects and we can personally attest to the helpfulness of having the proper equipment when doing so. Continue reading

DFM Toolworks

2023-08-02 Tools
The very first thing that caught our eye when looking at DFM Toolworks was the absolute beautiful look of their Twisted Pentagon Brass Chisel Hammer. It looks like a piece of art! Then we read this: We love to make things and support those who make Excellent. And this: We believe that its possible to make affordable tools and create great jobs within our community Couldn’t agree more! DFM Toolworks manufactures their products right here in the USA, in Chicago, Illinois. Continue reading
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