Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.


Benchmade has been manufacturing amazing American Made knives for over 30 years. We can’t let a good thing rest. It’s in our American DNA to look ahead and see the promise of what could be. As a family-owned, American business, we never quit striving for more. More innovation, more value. That’s why more than thirty years later, we’re still the only knife company making tools that are yours, for life. Continue reading

Bezi Bra Discs

Way back in 1956 Edith’s Lingerie Shop opened in Princeton, New Jersey. The shop belonged to Anne Zuckerman’s mother. From very early in life Anne had the opportunity to watch and learn from her mother as she ran her shop. This included trips to New York City to purchase merchandise. After these years of learning and growing, Anne had a product idea that she wanted to bring to market. That product was the Bezi Bra Disc. Continue reading

Sister Bees

Dealing with chapped lips every fall reminds us all of the need for some quality lip balm. Not to mention the other personal care items that help us get through every day! If you are like us and you prefer to stick with American Made quality products, check out Sister Bees. Based in Michigan they produce personal care and wellness products along with candles and honey & wax items. They even have pet products for your furry friends! Continue reading

Case Knives

Being prepared is something everyone should strive for. One essential item for your daily carry to keep you prepared: a proper pocket knife. Case Knives manufactures a number of great American Made knives that fit the bill. For instance, the Rogers Corn Cob Jig Antique Bone Trapper would be a perfect item for your pocket. Not too big and not too small. Just the right size. You’ll find the available knives broken down by category: Continue reading

Nine Line

Nine Line is a Veteran-owned company that produces a little bit of everything you might need. Since its inception Nine Line set out to create premium USA made products whenever possible. We are dedicated to reviving American manufacturing and the jobs they generate – setting the example for others to follow. We like the sound of that! There is a lot to see here. Everything from American Made T-Shirts to American Made Drinkware and even American Made Coffee and Tumblers. Continue reading


The first thing when we saw when we landed on the website for DSPTCH was their Pet Sling. As people who frequently travel by train and also because we are dog owners and lovers, we though: this is brilliant. As brilliant as this is, it is not the only thing that DSPTCH manufactures. They have a full line of packs as well as slings and accessories. They take building quality products to heart: Continue reading


Every so often we stumble across a company that is solving a problem we hadn’t really thought about. Once such company is Lacuesa who makes hand-stitched wallets from deer hides. So what is the part we hadn’t thought about? What happens to the deer hides of most deer after they have been harvested by a hunter? Usually they are left to become one with the Earth. What Lacuesa does is use those hides to produce beautiful hand-stitched leather wallets. Continue reading

United States Mask

Remember a few years back when everyone was looking to purchase masks? Everyone had to wear one everywhere? Yeah, we remember that too. For us, we made it a point to only purchase masks that are Made in America. It just made sense. Lucky for all of us, United States Mask exists to create American Made N95 masks for first responders and any of us looking for a quality mask. Continue reading

Upstate Stock

Upstate Stock is based in New York and produces a number of great American Made products. For your body they have knits and apparel. For your home they have home & office as well as kitchen items. And, they even have an entire category of awesome apothecary products! We like the story behind Upstate Stock as well: Upstate Stock was started over 10 years ago with a focus on producing goods people would be proud to purchase. Continue reading

Vortic Watches

A quality wristwatch is a beautiful thing. And, let’s be honest, it’s something that folks have moved away from due to the proliferation of phones and associated electronic gadgets. Vortic Watches is the opposite of that, and something we are pretty excited about. Vortic Watch Company is a small batch, custom, watch manufacturing and vintage restoration company located in Northern Colorado. Our mission is to “preserve and enhance the legacy of manufacturing excellence in America. Continue reading
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