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Case Knives

Being prepared is something everyone should strive for. One essential item for your daily carry to keep you prepared: a proper pocket knife.

Case Knives manufactures a number of great American Made knives that fit the bill.

For instance, the Rogers Corn Cob Jig Antique Bone Trapper would be a perfect item for your pocket. Not too big and not too small. Just the right size.

You’ll find the available knives broken down by category:

If you are looking for a knive that truly says “Made in the USA” you might want to check out the Case Canvas USA Wave. Can’t get much more USA than that!

Looking to create a personalized item for someone? Case Knives can do that as well. Check out their Engraving Options and pick a knife to get started!

Case Knives is based in Pennsylvania and has been for over a 100 years.

Case remains committed to crafting our knives in the United States. The majority of our knives are made in Bradford, PA, where Case has been manufacturing cutlery for well over a century.

Everyone can use a pocket knife. Be prepared. Get a Case Knives knife.

Company: Case Knives