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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Cherokee Copper

2023-01-18 Jewelry Art
Greg Stice is the Cherokee Nation artist behind the family-owned and operated Cherokee Copper. Our jewelry is inspired by Cherokee tradition and culture,.If you enjoy the rich history, customs, beliefs, traditions and quality handcrafted jewelry that skilled Native American craftsmen are known for, we believe that you will admire our jewelry. The company is truly a family venture with parents and children all involved. Greg is an award-winning Cherokee Aritst who creates jewelry insprired by Cherokee tradition and culture. Continue reading

American Chest Company

Let’s say you have gone over to Whitehouse Brothers and purchased yourself some beautiful, made in America Jewelry. Where do you store it when it’s not being used? How about with a Jewelry Chest from American Chest Company. A quality, American Made jewelry chest for your important items. Mac McLoughlin founded American Chest Company after a long and successful career. You can read all about the path that lead to the company formation here. Continue reading

Whitehouse Brothers

2022-09-22 Jewelry
Whitehouse Brothers has been producing American Made Jewelry from Cincinnati, OH since 1898. The company history is a great story of two brothers creating a business, building it to be the largest in the country and then using it to help American veterans returning from World War I. After World War I, Whitehouse Brothers offered to undertake the training of wounded soldiers returning from combat. The veterans were trained in the manufacturing of jewelry for six months so they could find new work in the industrial world. Continue reading