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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

HF Coors

What items in your house get used daily? Multiple times per day even? Your plates, bowls ane even drinkware! When we shop for items for the kitchen or dining areas, we know we want quality items that are Made in America. We know they are going to see lots of use and we want them to last for years and years. If you are like us, you should check out HF Coors. Continue reading

Range Leather

“Crafted to wear in, not out.” This is how Range Leather describes their fine, American Made leather products. Range Leather makes everything from wallets to bags to accessories to hats. The products, made in their Laramie, WY workshop, are not only USA made, but they are guaranteed for life. At Range we guarantee all our leather goods forever. If you ever need anything fixed, repaired, or replaced just reach out to us and we will make it right. Continue reading

Alaska Rug Company

This may be the best backstory for an American company that we have seen yet: the act of quitting smoking resulted in the creation of Alaska Rug Company. The company is based in Kodiak, AK and owned and run by Robert and Anita Shane. The Shane’s live on-site year round, they started Alaska Rug Company in the winter 2010 when they both decided to quit smoking. In lieu of strangling one another while quitting they came up with a way to keep their hands busy and started playing with rope, finding designs and knots and began making rugs which led to much more. Continue reading

Wellborn Cabinet

Wellborn Cabinet, located in Ashland, Alabama, has been creating beautiful, American Made cabinetry since 1961. Since 1961, Wellborn’s American made cabinets have been proudly crafted in Ashland, Alabama. The entire Wellborn family of employees takes great pride in producing high quality cabinets in the USA. All of our bath and kitchen cabinets, including doors, drawers, and face frames are hand crafted right here in Alabama by dedicated Wellborn employees. Continue reading

Anchor Hocking

2022-08-29 Cookware Houseware
Anchor Hocking produces a number of Made in America items for your kitchen and home. They began in 1905 producing glassware and still focus on quality, American Made glassware today. Anchor Hocking has been producing American Made glassware for more than a century. Supporting American jobs is a source of great pride for us, and it’s important to our customers too. They appreciate our dedication to the workforce here at home. Continue reading

Holder Mattress

2022-08-22 Houseware
1947 is the year that Holder Mattress was started in Kokomo, Indiana. In those early days the company only offered mattress rebuilding services. It wasn’t until 1956 that they began creating their 100% American Made mattresses. They have a nice online tool for selecting a mattress that will help you narrow down exactly what you need. Differing levels of firmness, different sizes, room-specific options, etc. Holder Mattress even works to support other local and American Made businesses by offering furniture to match their mattresses. Continue reading

Metal Art of Wisconsin

2022-08-21 Art Houseware
Metal Art of Wisconsin is a father/son company that was started accidentally after sharing some work they had created. Metal Art of Wisconsin was started ACCIDENTALLY from a Father and Son project in a 2-car garage in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Shane and Justis Henderson started making patriotic metal art, started an Instagram page in 2013…..and overnight…. @METAL_ART_OF_WISCONSIN was born. Looking for a beautiful metal flag piece for your wall? Perhaps a stealth bar concealment cabinet for a special room in your home? Continue reading

Baker's Sto N Go

2022-08-16 Houseware Cooking
So you just made some delicious, made-from-scratch, chocolate chip cookies and you need a way to transport them to the party you have made them for. How will you do it without crushing them? With a Baker’s Sto N Go, At least, that is how we would do it. Baker’s Sto N Go are containers specifically designed for transported your baked goods. And they are proudly Made in the USA since 2007. Continue reading

Ball Mason Jars

When we were kids our grandparents seemed to always have rows and rows of mason jars containing all types of delicious items. Most of these items were grown on the property or from a neighbor. If only we had paid more attention to how they did what they did! These days more and more people are finding reasons to use mason jars, and for that task one good option for sourcing your jars is Ball Mason Jars. Continue reading

Liberty Tabletop

2022-08-04 Houseware Flatware
100% Made in the USA flatware, that is what you will find from Liberty Tabletop You’ll find numerous options for your flatware needs . Forks, spoons, knives and even chests to house them in. All American Made. You can also find cookware , bakeware , dinnerware and more. Need a wedding gift? Of course you’ll want something that is Made in America. Liberty Tabletop provides a full set of wedding gifts. Continue reading
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