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Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Redding Reloading Equipment

If you are one of the millions who participates in shooting sports, either professionally or just for fun, you will eventually find yourself looking to reloading your own ammunition. Not only can it be cost-effective, it will allow you to be very precise and take your shooting to levels you may not have experienced using boxed ammunition. You’ll need a reloading press and for that press you will need die sets for any caliber you wish to reload. Continue reading

Eco Smart Labels

Here’s a great idea: Glowing Labels for fire extinguishers! Eco Smart Labels is a small business run by full-time Indiana high school teacher Lauren Heim. Beyond the glowing labels Eco Smart Labels also offers Culinary Labels that they sell through We love small businesses and like to see them succeed. Eco Smart Labels clearly has a great idea and we know we have a use for these! We are pretty sure you do to. Continue reading

Tway Lifting Products

Probably not something your average homeowner will be shopping for, but for those of you with commercial-sized needs, Tway Lifting Products has your rigging and lifting needs covered with American Made products. Founded by Joseph R. Tway in 1945, Tway Lifting Products is a full service rigging manufacturer and distributor of lifting and handling equipment, wire rope, construction and mill supplies. They have some serious products available. You’ll find items such as: Continue reading


Metrovac manufactures American Made vacuums and blower products from their facility in New Jersey. The company was started in 1939 by Israel Stern thanks to a $50 gift from his father-in-law Hyman Gulker. Mr. Gulker had pawned his prized pocket watch to obtain the $50 for the gift. Thus began the American Dream of Mr. Stern and his wife Pearl. The early years were devoted solely to the distribution and retailing of vacuum cleaners. Continue reading

American Mallard

2023-06-22 Tools Utility
We love it when we stumble upon something we wished we knew existed before! This is the case with American Mallard for sure. The paint brushes produced by American Mallard are the result of a serious need: ​Riccardo, a professional painter, struggled for 30 years with strained hands and wrists from using traditional straight-handled brushes and rollers. He was determined to find an easier way to paint. We can confirm that the standard style brushes certainly get no great accolades for comfort. Continue reading

Silent Call

The phone rings. There is a knock at the door. The smoke alarm is going off. For most of us, we are immediately aware of what is happening simply due to our senses. However, if you have difficulties hearing or seeing you may not be aware of the situation. Silent Call is an American company that has created solutions for this exact scenario. Established in 1985 by George J. Elwell, Silent Call manufactures several American Made products to help those who are hearing impaired. Continue reading


As the weather warms we find ourselves outside taking care of the lawn and lanscaping again. Not always our favorite thing to do on a nice sunny weekend, but we always get it done. Our ability to always get the work done is supported in great part by the tools we have purchased for the job. They are American Made. We use rakes from Ames and they have always performed flawlessly. Continue reading


2023-06-05 Household Utility
Planning a kitchen remodel? Maybe you just want to update the important items? You’ll want American Made appliances, naturally. Sub-Zero has been producing refrigeration appliances in America since 1945 when the company was founded by Westye Bakke. When Westye Bakke began experimenting with refrigeration in the 1930s, he was, in part, searching for a reliable way to store insulin—his young son, Bud, needed it to manage his juvenile diabetes. We love it when a need drives innovation. Continue reading

Lynx Defense

Lynx Defense gets right to the point: We do not want to be the company that tries to make a quick buck. We want to be the company you turn to when you need quality made vs. quantity made. All right here in the land of the free. Founded in 2013 with the goal of producing a great pistol bag, Lynx Defense has grown and expanded by producing great American Made goods for your day at the range. Continue reading


2023-05-31 Home Goods Utility
What is something most of us forget about until we absolutely need it? How about stain remover? We know that when we need it, we REALLY need it and frequently fail to have it nearby. Amodex manufactures America Made stain remover that is so good even the makers of Sharpie recommend it for removing their permanink markers! The family-owned and run company was created in 1957 when Peter, the grandfather, created a solution for dealing with the stubborn stains on his hands from long days working in the printing industry. Continue reading
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