Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Vermont Woods Studios

Furniture is something that is very personal to the purchaser. Everyone wants something that is perfect for them. Vermont Woods Studios manufactures a full suite of furniture that will make any discerning shopper happy. Not only are the designs appealing but the furniture itself is made right here in America. In Vermont of course. You’ll find furniture for your entire home: Bedroom Furniture Dining Room Furniture Living Room Furniture Home Office Furniture Outdoor Furniture Vermont Woods Studios has many goals, one of which is to support local workshops, both large and small, that produce high quality, solid and lasting furniture. Continue reading


2023-05-15 Tools Utility
If you heat your home with wood, or just generally do any type of tree and log harvesting, you know that good tools make the job far easier. LogOX is a Vermont-based company that manufactures a suite of American Made tools to help you get your wood jobs handled more efficiently and safer. If you are doing real work in the woods moving timber around and cutting logs, check out their Forestry Tools and we’re pretty sure you’re going to find some useful items. Continue reading

Vermont Castings

2023-05-11 Home Goods
We are just now getting past the cold season of the year in most of the country, but, it’s never a bad time to start doing research for a new wood stove. Vermont Castings manufactures American Made wood and gas stoves that celebrates American craftmanship. Among the vibrant hills and silver waters of the Green Mountain State is one constant: the promise of American craftsmanship. This is where day after day, year after year, the proud people of Vermont Castings craft each stove with hand and heart. Continue reading

Jk Adams

JK Adams believes the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is what drives them to create high quality, hand-crafted products for cooking and entertaining. You can find almost anything you might need for your kitchen from JK Adams. Everything from Cutting and Carving Boards to Kitchen and Baking Tools to Dining and Tabletop Items. Despite being founded almost 80 years ago, JK Adams remains committed to manufacturing in the United States. Continue reading

Vermont Teddy Bear

2022-11-07 Toys
Who doesn’t like Teddy Bears? No one that we know! And what’s the best kind of Teddy Bear? One made in America, of course. Vermont Teddy Bear has been crafting USA Made Teddy Bears since their beginnings in 1981. The Classic Vermont Teddy Bear is the true American Made Teddy Bear. And also the only option that is 100% Made in the USA. Vermont Teddy Bear employs around 170 American workers to make this American classic. Continue reading

Maple Landmark

Since 1979, Maple Landmark has been making eco-friendly, educational wooden toys, games and gifts at their shop in Middlebury, Vermont. Maple Landmark products are not only guaranteed for life, they are Proudly Made in the USA. A few of the products available: Wind Spinners NameTrains Personalized Toys Games Gifts, Decora & Culinary You can also find a full alphabetical list of products if you are looking for something specific. If you are shopping for a young person, take a look at the products by age to narrow the products to match the age of child you are shopping for. Continue reading

Darn Tough Vermont

2022-08-17 Clothing
We love products that are Made in the USA. Even more than that, we love American Made products that have amazing warranties and companies that stand behind their products. You will get all of that when you purchase from Darn Tough Vermont. Darn Tough Vermont produces high quality, unconditionally guaranteed for life, socks in their (you guessed it!) Vermont-based facility. You can find: Hiking Socks Runnig Socks Work Socks Tactical Socks And many other categories of socks to filter from when looking for the perfect pair. Continue reading