Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Lux Blox

2023-05-24 Education Games Toys
We can’t think of anything more important than giving kids the ability to explore and learn. Providing our future leaders with great tools to help them learn to think and build should be a top priority for everyone. Lux Blox is an American company producing STEM toys that help kids learn and grow. Lux is called “the principled block” because we designed Lux to give the user nature’s own design principles. Continue reading

Vero Frescobol

According to wikipedia Frescobol “is a racket sport originating in Brazil in the 1950s. The game is played between 2 (or occasionally 3) players with solid rackets, most often made of wod or fibreglass, and the aim of the game is to hit a small rubber ball between players for as long as possible. It is often considered a beach activity.” To us, Vero Frescobol is an American company that produces the equipment for you to play the game of Frescobol. Continue reading

White Mountain Puzzles

2023-03-15 Games
Puzzles are one of those things that everyone loves to work on. They might not always be the first thing on your mind, but when you see one it’s hard to not get involved. White Mountain Puzzles produces an amazing collection of American Made puzzles from their headquarters in Jackson, NH. They have been doing so since 1978! Every White Mountain Puzzle is manufactured in America. Every year our quality improves. Continue reading


Whether you are looking for a pocket multi-tool, a keychain, or even a pocket knife, Zootility has you covered. Even better, everything is Made in America. Zootility is built on a commitment to create quality products Made in the USA. We work with honest domestic suppliers to provide the highest quality products that will last a lifetime. As a small workshop operating in the woods of Maine, all development and fabrication is kept under one roof. Continue reading

Boomerangs by Vic

We can distinctly remember having a cheap plastic boomerang as kids. Always associating the Boomerang with Australia for some reason. Maybe from things we watched as kids. However, you can get yourself a true American Made Boomerang, handmade by Boomerangs By Vic. Vic Poulin has been making boomerangs since 2008 from the beautiful state of New Hampshire. Since 2008, Vic has been providing exceptional boomerangs to his customers. With his great attention to detail and expertise, he personally creates all his products. Continue reading

Maple Landmark

Since 1979, Maple Landmark has been making eco-friendly, educational wooden toys, games and gifts at their shop in Middlebury, Vermont. Maple Landmark products are not only guaranteed for life, they are Proudly Made in the USA. A few of the products available: Wind Spinners NameTrains Personalized Toys Games Gifts, Decora & Culinary You can also find a full alphabetical list of products if you are looking for something specific. If you are shopping for a young person, take a look at the products by age to narrow the products to match the age of child you are shopping for. Continue reading


2022-08-26 Games
Something truly unique! Murbles is an American Made game that is great for everyone from kids to adults. It all started back in 1979 when Murray Kramer played horseshoes with a retired gentleman who lived next door. For two years, Murray tried to win a game of shoes, but he couldn’t…. so he decided to make his own game, a game that anyone could play and WIN!!! The game is loosely based on bocce, but you can go here to read the official rules and learn to play. Continue reading