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Boomerangs by Vic

We can distinctly remember having a cheap plastic boomerang as kids. Always associating the Boomerang with Australia for some reason. Maybe from things we watched as kids.

However, you can get yourself a true American Made Boomerang, handmade by Boomerangs By Vic.

Vic Poulin has been making boomerangs since 2008 from the beautiful state of New Hampshire.

Since 2008, Vic has been providing exceptional boomerangs to his customers. With his great attention to detail and expertise, he personally creates all his products. He also tests each boomerang to ensure optimum flight, precision, and strength. Rest assured he knows what it takes to make high-quality boomerangs that give his customers a truly fun experience.

You can get a feel for the type of boomerangs proced by checking out the Boomerangs By Vic Gallery to see previously crafted items. Some very interesting designs in there!

For shopping purposes, the boomerangs are broken down by experience and throwing hand:

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to use your American Made boomerang, check out their trick shot videos and their customer videos.

To learn more about how these are made and what the Boomerangs By Vic proces is, take a look at the boomerang videos.

Company: Boomerangs By Vic