Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Lawn Chair Usa

You probably don’t spend too much time thinking about lawn chairs, do you? We didn’t either. However, as soon as we saw Lawn Chair USA we became quite excited. These are the same chairs we sat on as kids in the family yard! We honestly didn’t know these even existed still. We were pleasantly surprised to find they not only still exist but are also Made in America! Lawn Chair USA LLC was started in 2010 because we wanted to bring back an American classic, the folding aluminum webbed lawn chair. Continue reading

Globe Trailers

As you are driving down the highway seeing all types of truck and trailers, do you ever wonder where those trailers are made? We do. Globe Trailers is one of the companies making those trailers. Manufacturing these extraordinary items right here in the USA in Bradenton, FL. These trailers are not for your everyday individual looking to haul some trash to the dump. These are highly specialized items that are meant to carry comically large amounts of weight in a very safe manner. Continue reading

Road Trip Potty

For the women among us, those long hours in a vehicle on a road trip can be a bit problematic when it comes to relieving oneself. Thankfully, the American Made Road Trip Potty exists to help alleviate any problems! The Road Trip Potty is exactly what it sounds like. A portable female urinal. As they say, “When not going is NOT an option!” The Road Trip Potty is the brainchild of Angela Brathwaite. Continue reading

Pro Leveler

We’re sure that you, like most of us, has had a moment where you said “wow, why didn’t I think of that?” That is the first thing we thought when we saw The Wedgy by Pro Leveler. How many times have you had a piece of furniture, or really anything that you want to sit flat, NOT sit level? Maybe due to an uneven surface, or a couch leg not being exactly the right length? Continue reading


If you are looking to get into the great outdoors you are going to want to outfit yourself with some quality gear. Perhaps something handcrafted and Made in America. Take a look at Zpacks. Handcrafted shelters, backpacks, quilts and clothing, and Dyneema based accessories all proudly manufactured in the United States. Like so many other American companies, Zpacks was created to solve a distinct problem encounted by a single person. In this case, founder Joe Valesko was setting out on a 2004 thru-hide of the Appalachian Trail but could not find any gear to meet his needs. Continue reading


2022-08-26 Games
Something truly unique! Murbles is an American Made game that is great for everyone from kids to adults. It all started back in 1979 when Murray Kramer played horseshoes with a retired gentleman who lived next door. For two years, Murray tried to win a game of shoes, but he couldn’t…. so he decided to make his own game, a game that anyone could play and WIN!!! The game is loosely based on bocce, but you can go here to read the official rules and learn to play. Continue reading

Baker's Sto N Go

2022-08-16 Houseware Cooking
So you just made some delicious, made-from-scratch, chocolate chip cookies and you need a way to transport them to the party you have made them for. How will you do it without crushing them? With a Baker’s Sto N Go, At least, that is how we would do it. Baker’s Sto N Go are containers specifically designed for transported your baked goods. And they are proudly Made in the USA since 2007. Continue reading