Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Kettle Pizza

2023-07-18 Cooking
If you have never had pizza that was cooked on a grill, you are missing out! We’ve been doing this for a few years and absolutely love how they turn out. Using our best kid voice: “Best pizza ever!” Kettle Pizza will get you going quickly with their American made pizza oven kits for gas or charcoal grills. Curious how it all works? Check out their YoutTube videos for how to use their products to make great pizza. Continue reading

Kitchen Craft

Kitchen Craft makes American Made waterless cookware from their facility in Bend, WI. What is “waterless cookware” you ask? Good question. Kitchen Craft explains it like this: By merging several heat-conducting metals together and creating a thermal core, waterless cookware distributes the heat from the bottom up, the sides in and the top down, just like the oven that requires no grease or water. If this healthy way of cooking sounds good to you, check out what Kitchen Craft has to offer for your cooking needs: Continue reading


It’s that time of year again. You know the time. GRILLING TIME! The weather is starting to warm up and the days are a bit longer so it is the perfect time to get outside and fire up the grill. And what better grill to fire up than an American Made option from Weber! Weber has been innovating great grill designs since their start in 1952 when George Stephen combined his love of barbeque with a revolutionary grill design inspired by the shape of a buoy. Continue reading


USA Pan has been creating Made in American bakeware for the home since 2009. Proudly made in the USA, we are committed to producing bakeware that exceeds industry standards for innovation, quality and durability. Quality kitchen items will last many, many years and, from our experience, are always worth the little extra money you may pay. Quality kitchen items that are Made in America, naturally, will always be worth a little extra expense! Continue reading

Jk Adams

JK Adams believes the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is what drives them to create high quality, hand-crafted products for cooking and entertaining. You can find almost anything you might need for your kitchen from JK Adams. Everything from Cutting and Carving Boards to Kitchen and Baking Tools to Dining and Tabletop Items. Despite being founded almost 80 years ago, JK Adams remains committed to manufacturing in the United States. Continue reading

American Skillet Company

If you or someone you know loves to cook and love the state they live in (or perhaps are from) then we’ve got the perfect item for you. American Skillet Company creates cast iron skillets in the shape of many of the states of this great country of ours. They also have one of the entire United States! American Made skillets in the shape of American States. How much more American Made can you get? Continue reading

Words With Boards

2022-11-09 Cooking Home Goods
Anyone who spends any time in a kitchen understands that a quality cutting board is extremely handy to have. It not only protects your counters but it gives you a quality cutting surface. Words With Boards makes custom cutting boards with whatever words you might desire built into the design. You can get some pretty cool everyday cutting boards. Various forms of cheese boards. Or, you can get one personalized to your liking. Continue reading

All Clad

2022-10-20 Cooking Cookware
Born in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania in 1971, All Clad continues to produce American Made cookware in its home state. Founder John Ulam was a renowned metallurgist who was also an avid home cook. He combined the two and All Clad was born! The company employes American Workers who are involved in every piece of bonded cookware that comes out of the factory. Manufacturing has changed a lot since All-Clad was founded, but our commitment to craftsmanship hasn’t. Continue reading


2022-10-17 Cooking Food
We learn new things every single day. Today, we learned that Tabasco is made in the USA! It has been made by the McIlhenny family on Avery Island, Louisiana for over 5 generations! The original Tabasco Red Pepper Sauce was created by Edmund McIlhenny in 1868. The History of Tabasco is a good read. Learning how a company like this comes to be is always fascinating. No longer solely making Red Pepper Sauce the company now offers a wide range of hot sauces: Red Pepper Sauce Green Jalapeno Sauce Chipotle Pepper Sauce Cayenne Garlic Sauce Habanero Pepper Sauce Scorpion Sauce Sriracha Sauce Sweet & Spicy Sauce Buffalo Style Hot Sauce Something for everyone! Continue reading

Baker's Sto N Go

2022-08-16 Houseware Cooking
So you just made some delicious, made-from-scratch, chocolate chip cookies and you need a way to transport them to the party you have made them for. How will you do it without crushing them? With a Baker’s Sto N Go, At least, that is how we would do it. Baker’s Sto N Go are containers specifically designed for transported your baked goods. And they are proudly Made in the USA since 2007. Continue reading