Be American Made

Celebrating American-made products and those that produce them.

Taffy Town

2023-08-09 Food
Do have a candy that when you see it you just have to have it? For us, that is banana taffy. Banana not your flavor? No worries. Taffy Town has a massive number of taffy flavors for you to pick from. All Made in the USA. In the great state of Utah. Originally known as the Glade Candy Company, Taffy Town changed thier name in the 1990’s to focus their effors on total taffy excellence. Continue reading

Big Spoon Roasters

2023-06-20 Food
We can’t lie. We love peanut butter. We genearlly start the day with some full grain toast with bananas and peanut butter. It’s delicious! But…what peanut butter is best? For that we’d suggest you give Big Spoon Roasters a look. Big Spoon Roasters makes handcrafted nut butters and snack bars from scratch with world-class ingredients sourced directly from local and like-minded producers who share our dedication to authentic quality and sustainability. Continue reading

R.G.W. Candy Company

2023-05-05 Food
Like candy? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Nobody we know! Illinois-based R.G.W. Candy Company has been hand-making candy for over 75 years! Here’s how they describe what they do: We are very proud to say we still only make candies from the simple ingredients ~ no preservatives, no flavorings, or modern chemistry. We offer you “regular old candy” the way it was always meant to be made, hand-made & hand-dipped especially for you. Continue reading

Native American Coffee

2023-04-27 Beverage Food
There can truly be nothing more American than a Native American. There may be no coffee more American than that produced by the Native American Coffee company. Native American Coffee is owned by Native Americans and the coffee is roasted by Native Americans. We are proud of our heritage and the land we travel. The company is owned and operated by Bill McClure, a proud Muscogee Nation Citizen. Obviously, we love coffee. Continue reading

Goo Goo

2023-02-22 Food
Is there anyone who doesn’t love great candy? Seriously, who can turn down something as tasty as a Goo Goo Cluster? Not us. In 1912, in a copper kettle at the Standard Candy Company at Clark & First Avenue in Nashville, TN, America’s first combination candy bar was invented. That cobination candy was the original Goo Goo Cluster. This was the first time multiple elements were being mass-produced in a retail confection. Continue reading

Willa’s Shortbread

2023-01-10 Food
Who doesn’t love some great shortbread? We love it. Seriously. Shortbread does not last long around here. Recently we received some Willa’s Shortbread as a gift. We were excited at the fact that it was Made in America, but also extremely excited about the taste! It’s good stuff! Originally made from her home in the Highlands of North Carolina, Willa Allen started small. Offering it at local markets and special events. Continue reading


2022-10-17 Cooking Food
We learn new things every single day. Today, we learned that Tabasco is made in the USA! It has been made by the McIlhenny family on Avery Island, Louisiana for over 5 generations! The original Tabasco Red Pepper Sauce was created by Edmund McIlhenny in 1868. The History of Tabasco is a good read. Learning how a company like this comes to be is always fascinating. No longer solely making Red Pepper Sauce the company now offers a wide range of hot sauces: Red Pepper Sauce Green Jalapeno Sauce Chipotle Pepper Sauce Cayenne Garlic Sauce Habanero Pepper Sauce Scorpion Sauce Sriracha Sauce Sweet & Spicy Sauce Buffalo Style Hot Sauce Something for everyone! Continue reading

Kimmie Candy

2022-09-21 Food
As we approach Halloween we instinctively start thinking about candy. Some of us wanting to make sure we have enough for the neighborhood kids and others of us thinking about how much we will be taking from our stash for ourselves! What if you could find quality, American Made candy? You can. Kimmie Candy is a proud American company producing candy from their facility in Reno, Nevada. Kimmie Candy was created in 2000 by Joe Dutra, a farmer in Sacramento, CA. Continue reading

Redneck Riviera

2022-08-17 Food Alcohol Clothing
Redneck Riviera refers to itself as “America’s Work Hard, Play Hard Brand.” Seems to match up to their product list! A quick glance at their website shows whiskey, 1776 BBQ Sauce and some very patriotic looking boots for sale. Despite Whiskey tracking it’s origins back to Scotland and Ireland it has become very popular with hard-working Americans. A number of brands are made within the United States, however, it’s hard to argue that, with a name like “Redneck Riviera American Blended Whiskey,” you should probably give it a try. Continue reading

Mountain House

2022-08-09 Outdoors Camping Food
When you decide to go into the backcountry for a camping excursion you need to be prepared. Not only for the elements but also to ensure you are getting the food and calories you ened to keep you going. Mountain House is a great option to get the calories you need. They provide freeze dried meals that are simple to prepare and taste great too. The best part: their meals are prepared in here in the USA. Continue reading