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Native American Coffee

2023-04-27 Beverage Food

There can truly be nothing more American than a Native American. There may be no coffee more American than that produced by the Native American Coffee company.

Native American Coffee is owned by Native Americans and the coffee is roasted by Native Americans. We are proud of our heritage and the land we travel.

The company is owned and operated by Bill McClure, a proud Muscogee Nation Citizen.

Obviously, we love coffee. Most of us do. However, we love the idea that we can get our coffee from a company that has values we are 100% in line with.

The underpinnings of everything:

It is about honoring these traditions of our land and promoting clean water for generations to come. Applying the wisdom of our elders in an authentic and respectful manner that promotes the mind and spirit.

And further, to enhance and expand the options available to those in the local community:

We employ many Native Americans, teaching them new skills to improve their lives through education and on the job training. We have Native Americans roasting the coffee and packaging the teas.

We love the Native American Coffee company and what they stand for.

And, they have some great coffee options available as well!

You’ll find Fresh Roasted Coffee, Coffee Pods, K-Cups and even Portion Packs as well.

To get the most coffee for your money, you may want to check out their subscription offerings as well.

If you are a tea drinker, they have you covered as well with their Premium Native Teas.

Coffee and tea produced by true Americans. Doesn’t get much more American Made than that!

Company: Native American Coffee