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The Door Balancer

2023-02-28 Home Goods Utility
We love it when someone creates something that solves a problem that many will just ignore. That’s the case with The Door Balancer. This Made in America door accessory fixes any problem doors you may have in your home or office that will not stay open on their own. Are you placing objects in front of doors to keep them open? If so, you’ll benefit from The Door Balancer and you won’t have random things propping open doors any more either! Continue reading

Cherokee Copper

2023-01-18 Jewelry Art
Greg Stice is the Cherokee Nation artist behind the family-owned and operated Cherokee Copper. Our jewelry is inspired by Cherokee tradition and culture,.If you enjoy the rich history, customs, beliefs, traditions and quality handcrafted jewelry that skilled Native American craftsmen are known for, we believe that you will admire our jewelry. The company is truly a family venture with parents and children all involved. Greg is an award-winning Cherokee Aritst who creates jewelry insprired by Cherokee tradition and culture. Continue reading