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Montana Knife Company

We’ve said it before, we think Montana is an amazing state. Now we have something else amazing coming from the state of Montana: Montana Knife Company.

The Montana Knife Company knives are beautiful hand-finished works of art that are meant to be used and abused. These knives are primarily for your hunting needs. One knife to rule them all. Grab yourself a Blackfoot Fixed Blade and head into the woods!

However, if you are looking for some high quality pieces for your kicthen, check out the MKC Culinary collection. We’d be pretty excited having this MKC Culinery Set in our home.

Everything about Montana Knife Company is very American. Including their outlook on the future of their company:

Moving forward, we want to grow Montana Knife Company into one of the biggest and most respected American-made brands in the country. We’ll employ great people and pay them well, and we’ll never ship production overseas (and I don’t say NEVER often).

We certainly hope they accomplish that goal.

We love that they don’t take themselves too seriously either:

…you may think we’re a huge company with dozens of employees running a complicated operation. In reality, we’re just a small group of hunters and fishermen creating American-made tools that help us do what we love.

Seriously. We love this company.

Take a look a the history of Montana Knife Company to get more backstory.

Oh, and did we mention their MKC Generations Promise?

In their own words:

Generations® is our promise to restore your knife to its original, unmatched working condition. MKC will clean, sharpen, repair, and even reshape your blades when necessary, as well as rewrapping handles. Free of charge.

A recurring theme with companies manufacturing in America is a solid warranty and a belief in their products. Montana Knife Company seems to go just a bit further than most and we could not be more excited about it.

Company: Montana Knife Company