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Montana Brand Tools

2023-02-07 Tools

If you have poked around this site at all, you’ll know that we really do love American Made Tools. What you may not know is we also believe Montana to be the most amazing state in the country.

So…imagine our excitement when we discovered Montana Brand Tools. American Made tools made in Ronan, Montana!

It was a necessity that early settlers of Montana have a strong will, a resilient character and great determination to tame the rugged landscape while adapting to its dramatic climate. That spirit – made in USA pride & craftsmanship is alive today, both in how Montana Brand tools are manufactured and how they perform.

You will find a full assortment of tools available. Everything from the Diamond Hole Saw to the Self Centering Drill and Driver.

Many of the tools produced by Montana Brand Tool use their cryogenic treatment to make them less prone to failure as well as giving them increased length of life.

You can download a full digital catalog of products as well.

You can learn more about Montana Brand Tools here.

The next time you are looking for an American Made nut driver or an American Made drill & drive set be sure to give Montana Brand Tools a look!

Company: Montana Brand Tools