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Lawn Chair Usa

You probably don’t spend too much time thinking about lawn chairs, do you? We didn’t either.

However, as soon as we saw Lawn Chair USA we became quite excited. These are the same chairs we sat on as kids in the family yard!

We honestly didn’t know these even existed still. We were pleasantly surprised to find they not only still exist but are also Made in America!

Lawn Chair USA LLC was started in 2010 because we wanted to bring back an American classic, the folding aluminum webbed lawn chair. We are a family owned business that prides itself on excellent customer service and a quality American made product. Our business has been steadily growing and we have made some improvements to our designs thanks to our customer feedback and requests.

The sense of nostalgia upon seeing these chairs was amazing. Really took us back to when we were kids. We are so excited that this family business exists and has brought these chairs back!

The chairs are offered in various types so you are sure to find one that matches what you need. Pretty sure we had something very similar to the Sea Island Classic in our yard as kids. Absolutely certain we had one that looked like the Green and White Stripe Classic model.

If you end up using the chairs so much that you need to re-web them, you can! They offer Lawn Chair Webbing in various colors and designs you can get to re-web your chairs on your own. Lawn Chair USA even provides you with instructions on how to re-web for when the time comes.

For us this is a no-brainer! We can get the same awesome chairs we had as kids for our homes and get them from a company that manufactures them in the United States!

It’s a win-win!

Company: Lawn Chair Usa