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2022-11-11 Beauty Clothing

Established in 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA, Knotzland is doing great things to recycle products and create amazing bowties!

You can take a look at the bowties to see what they are making. These are great looking ties. And they are created from recycled textiles. Not only creating a great and useful product, but helping to limit what ends up in our landfills as well. This is something we can get behind.

In August of 2014, we were founded by Nisha Blackwell, who was let go during the downsizing of a local coffee shop and decided to brew her own ideas. Spurred by a passion, the world around her, and building an environmentally friendly business - Knotzland became a reality.

To see how this all came to be, you can read the story but you should also absolutely watch the video as well. What a great story.

We’ve already found a tie that we like: Monarch Fields Bow Tie with Velvet Knot

But with so many cool options to choose from, we can certainly see the opportunity to order more than just one.

We love Knotzland for a lot of reasons. Creating an opportunity. Really finding a way to re-use and recycle textiles. And, creating some great looking ties!

Company: Knotzland