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We know a few legitimate audiophiles who go really deep down the audio rabbit hole. You might know a few as well. They can be described as very ‘discerning’ listeners for sure.

We love to listen to great speakers as much as anyone, however, we may not be as in tune as others when it comes to the minute details that make the difference to a true audiophile.

Vandersteen clearly knows what those subtle differnces are and how to produce speakers that allow the music to shine through.

If you’d like to learn a bit about what it takes to make a great speaker, take a look at the Vandersteen FAQ where you will find some truly interesting information. We aren’t going to lie, some of it is a bit over our head for sure, but, we love to learn what makes things great and we learned a few things from this FAQ for sure.

You’ll find a few different models to choose from when you are looking for Vandersteen speakers.

The Model 1,2 and 3 have a bit of history. The Model 2 has been in constant production since 1977 due to unprecendented popular demand. Over 100,000 pairs of Model 2’s have been sold.

If you are looking for something in a Floorstanding Loudspeaker they have that covered as well.

Maybe you need something a bit more compact? Check out their Compact Speakers to find something that suits what you need.

Perhaps you are the serious hard-core of hard-core audiophiles? In that case, take a look at the System NINE option that Vandersteen offers.

System NINE is Richard Vandersteen’s radical, total-system approach to audio design, derived from decades of industry-leading research and innovation. System NINE is truly unique in high-end audio in that its components are not just complementary, but literally made for one another.

Talk about serious audio!

Find your local Vandersteen dealer and schedule some time to hear what true greatness sounds like.

And, best yet:

All Vandersteen products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, in Hanford, CA.

Don’t go to your local box store to pick up a set of cheap speakers. Do a little research at Vandersteen and get yourself some kick-ass American Made speakers.

Company: Vandersteen